How scammers have sunk to a new low with an AI obituary scam targeting the grieving

As if scammers couldn’t get any lower, a new online scam is taking advantage of people who are grieving. This is a bizarre pirate scam that uses artificial intelligence to collect data and build fake obituary websites, exploiting the information of deceased people to defraud vulnerable victims. A woman grieving at a graveyard. (Kurt “Cyber […]

Nigerian Brothers Plead Guilty to Sextortion Scam After Suicide of Michigan Teen

Two Nigerian brothers have pleaded guilty to conspiring to sexually exploit American minors after a 17-year-old Michigan boy committed suicide as a result of an online sextortion scheme. Samuel Ogosi, 22, and Samson Ogosi, 20, were both extradited from Lagos to the United States in August 2023 for their role in Ogosi’s death. jordan demaywho […]

Is the FTC calling you? Probably not. Here’s how to avoid a phone scam targeting you

Just when you thought phone scams couldn’t get any more sophisticated, there’s another one to watch out for. And this is even more sophisticated. Because this is the government agency that will be reporting this type of fraud. F.T.C. – Spoofing is occurring. woman on the phone (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson) One reason this spoofing […]

The Scam of Book Sales

The Left has gone after members of the U.S. Supreme Court on drummed-up ethics charges. Whether the Justices have violated any ethics rules (which they have all denied in specificity as to their filings and their actions) is in the eye of the beholder. What we want to explore is how people in public office […]

$2,000,000 Stolen From Bank of America Account in Devastating Scam, Triggering Lawsuit for Alleged Negligence, Breach of Contract and Violation of Federal Law: Report – The Daily Hodl

An elderly woman who lost millions of dollars to scammers is suing Bank of America (BofA) for alleged negligence, breach of contract, and violations of federal law. Lynn Bucklin, a 67-year-old Florida resident, said BofA failed to adequately protect her from a scheme that drained her account of $2 million, a cyber litigation firm reported. […]

Billionaire says Trump Media a ‘scam,’ calls investors ‘dopes’

Trump Media, Truth Social’s parent company, is a “fraud,” billionaire investor Barry Diller said in a CNBC interview Thursday. “This is a fraud, just like everything he’s ever been involved in is some kind of fraud,” Diller said. spoke on CNBC “Squawk Box” refers to former President Donald Trump and Trump Media & Technology Group. […]


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