Hunter Biden to Use Pro-2A SCOTUS Ruling to Overcome Possible Gun Charges

The official who spoke with new york times Hunter Biden’s lawyers have suggested they are considering using a US Supreme Court case. Bruen (2022) Judgment to help overcome firearms charges that may be brought against a client. Breitbart News said: Bruen The decision nullified New York’s due cause requirement for issuing concealed carry licenses. In […]

Affirmative action SCOTUS case could take down ‘diversity’ industry too

The $10 billion “diversity, equity and inclusion” industry could be hit if the Supreme Court rules against affirmative action against college admissions. Corporate governance lawyers say big companies are dreading the future of DEIs as a court rules, perhaps as soon as this week, on the constitutionality of using race to gain admission to Harvard […]

SCOTUS sides with Google and Twitter in cases of terror-related content

(Photo credit: DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images) Brooke Mallory of OAN5:48 PM – Thursday, May 18, 2023 The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled unanimously in favor of Google and Twitter in two cases alleging social media liability for international terrorism incidents. advertisement of Victim’s relatives In his opinion in favor of social media platforms, Justice […]

SCOTUS dismisses GOP-led state appeal over Title 42 order’s expiration

The Supreme Court on Thursday already stopped oral arguments and dismissed a pending appeal over the termination of the Title 42 public health order as the Biden administration moves toward lifting all COVID-19 restrictions. . “The Dec. 16, 2022 order of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia for the District of […]

SCOTUS Opts Not to Intervene in Challenge Against ‘Assault Weapons’

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Wednesday that it chose not to intervene against the federal government. Naperville “Assault weapons” will be banned, but judicial proceedings will proceed as normal instead. SCOTUS’ decision not to issue an injunction at this stage is standard operating procedure. US Supreme Court building. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) On May 2, […]

Planned Parenthood Calls for Court-Packing, Term Limits on SCOTUS

Abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood is calling for a larger courtroom and a limit on Supreme Court justices. The package of judicial reform bills was released on Sunday, nearly a year after the bill was overturned. Law vs Wadethe abortion giant asked Congress to expand the size of the lower courts and the Supreme Court without […]

Chris Murphy Hints at ‘Revolt’ if SCOTUS Strikes Down More Gun Control

Gun control advocate Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Connecticut) warns that if the U.S. Supreme Court nullifies the ban on “assault weapons” and other Democratic gun control laws, there will be a “popular uprising.” I’m hinting that it’s possible. Murphy said on NBC’s show Sunday. meet the press“Finally, if the Supreme Court says that states and […]

Chris Murphy predicts ‘popular revolt’ if SCOTUS strikes down gun control proposals

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy warned on Sunday that there would be a “popular uprising” in the United States if the Supreme Court continued to block gun control measures. A Connecticut politician sounded the alarm on NBC’s “Meet the Press” days after a federal judge ruled that banning gun sales to adults under 21 was unconstitutional. […]