Business groups endorse debt limit deal as McCarthy scrambles for votes 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has colluded with major business groups to back his deal with President Biden to raise the debt ceiling, prompting McCarthy to criticize skeptical lawmakers at the House GOP meeting. It has urged support for the bill, adding to the political momentum for the bill. “Federal leaders should seize this opportunity […]

DeSantis scrambles to right the ship after rocky 2024 launch

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his team are trying to recover from a Twitter campaign debut marred by a technical glitch. The live announcement on Twitter, though unusual, was intended to be bold and presidency, demonstrating DeSantis’ ability to bypass the mainstream media and reach his supporters directly. But in the end, I was plagued […]

Google scrambles for new search engine as AI creeps in: report

Dr. Robert Marks discusses a Stanford survey in which 36% of researchers fear artificial intelligence could wreak a “nuclear-level catastrophe” on “Kennedy.” Google is reportedly in a rush to update its search engine and create an entirely new one in the face of threats from competitors using artificial intelligence on their platform. According to the […]

Pentagon scrambles to plug leaks as officials fear more to come

WASHINGTON — Pentagon investigators have more questions than answers, five days after Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he first learned that a pile of highly classified intelligence documents had been leaked online. increase. One question stands out. Similar to that answer, “I don’t know.” After the Pentagon pledged on Monday to review who has […]

U.S. Scrambles to Prepare Financial Backstop to Stave Off Banking Panic

The U.S. government scrambled Sunday night to prepare emergency measures to bolster banks and the U.S. economy. The U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve are preparing to jointly launch a program to help deposit more than $250,000 with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, according to people familiar with the matter. The Federal Reserve is […]

Silicon Valley Bank scrambles to sell itself after failing to raise capital: report

A report on Friday said Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company is in talks to sell the distressed tech finance company outright after management failed to raise outside funding. SVB Financial reportedly used outside advisors to facilitate a potential sale, and a “large financial institution” is considering a potential acquisition of SVB Financial. CNBC reportedciting sources […]

Biden Administration Scrambles to Rewrite China Portion of SOTU

President Joe Biden and his speechwriters are “likely to rewrite” the Chinese portion of the State of the Union address set for Tuesday night. Biden’s speechwriters are trying to help the president highlight a string of achievements in this week’s State of the Union address. I got it While the president has tried to be […]