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Democrats Should End ‘Sanctuary City’ Secession Policies

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-Louisiana, said House Republicans intend to use their influence in year-end funding battles to push to end Democratic cities’ withdrawals from immigration laws. new york post. New Republican House Minority Leader: “I’m sure that will be one of our proposals, and it should be.” told the newspaper. Democrats’ so-called “sanctuary cities” […]

MTG on 9/11 says states ‘should consider’ secession over Biden border policies

Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene declared on Monday that states should “consider” leaving the United States over President Biden’s border policies. In a post on X (formerly Twitter) marking the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Greene said Americans are drowning in “Biden’s traitorous” policies at the Mexican border. “If the Biden administration does not […]

Northern California county mulls secession as local activist spearheads effort

Under the new proposal, Northern California counties would split off to become their own states, and local activists behind the initiative are calling on residents to restore and respect their way of life. Located just east of the Sacramento State Capitol and between California and Nevada, El Dorado County is approximately 200 square miles larger […]

1 in 5 Americans support national divorce or secession: Poll

About 20% of US citizens (equivalent to roughly 66 million people) support the idea of ​​a national divorce, according to a new poll. “Two Americas” investigation According to Ipsos, 1 in 5 Americans support dividing the United States into two nations based on their political beliefs. A poll of 1,018 American adults found that Republicans […]

Texas lawmaker files ‘TEXIT’ bill to spur vote on exploring secession from US

Texas lawmakers introduced a bill on Monday that would set up a referendum to decide whether the state should explore possible secession from the United States. if measurement Once passed — known as the “TEXIT Referendum Act” — a referendum on whether Texas should “reassert its status as an independent state” is scheduled for the […]