Pastor Halts Sermon to Embrace Cursing Homeless Man During Church Service

A San Antonio pastor and his church say the pastor paused his sermon to hug a homeless man he had invited on stage after a homeless man started shouting obscenities during a sermon on “The Parable of the Lost Sheep.” He has received widespread praise for pledging his support. Pastor Ed Newton of Community Bible […]

Pastor Credits ‘Miracle of God’ After Gunman’s Weapon Jams During Sermon

A Pennsylvania pastor who was nearly shot to death by a gunman while preaching on Sunday credits a miracle from God for saving his life. Pastor Glenn German of Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, was preaching on Sunday when a man walked into the center aisle and was […]

Pennsylvania man aims gun at pastor in church, interrupts sermon on video

On Sunday, a Pennsylvania pastor ducked for cover during a sermon when a video showed an armed man walking up to the front of his church and pointing a gun at him from close range. Parishioners near the front row ran up and tackled the suspect from behind, helping to disarm and subdue him before […]

Gunman arrested after trying to shoot pastor during church sermon

A gunman was arrested last weekend after pulling a firearm on a Pennsylvania pastor during a sermon, a horrifying ordeal caught on camera. Bernard Polite, 26, was arrested Sunday afternoon after attempting to shoot and kill Pastor Glenn Germany at Jesus Dwelling Church in North Braddock, police said. A horrifying livestream of the ordeal showed […]

Israel compared to Nazism and ISIS in Dearborn sermon

A religious leader in Dearborn, Michigan compared Israel to Nazi Germany and ISIS in a sermon at the local Islamic Knowledge Institute. “Zionism is today’s ISIS. If there was ISIS for Muslims, there is also ISIS for Jews,” Dr. Baqir Berry, the leader of a mosque in the Dearborn area, said in a sermon, according […]

Pop Superstar Daddy Yankee Delivers First Sermon Since Retiring to Serve Jesus

Raymond Ayala, the Puerto Rican rapper known as Daddy Yankee, delivered his first sermon on Sunday since announcing in December that he was retiring from the industry to preach the Christian gospel and serve Jesus. Ayala, who admitted to being “a little nervous” when talking about her personal relationship with God, detailed her struggles with […]

Alistair Begg Addresses His ‘Transgender Wedding’ Critics during Sunday Evening Sermon

The Reverend Alistair Begg on Sunday defended his highly controversial advice to grandmothers about attending LGBT weddings, saying his comments were not intended as blanket advice for all Christians. , said it was rather aimed at helping grandmothers find a balance between condemning and affirming their grandchildren. “My response to a grandmother I’ve never met […]

Church Leader in Sri Lanka Criminally Charged for Sermon Comments

New DelhiJanuary 3, 2024 (morning star news)A Sri Lankan pastor who has been in jail since December 1 on charges of “insulting religious sentiments” for comments he made in a sermon posted online was released on bail on Wednesday (January 3), according to sources. It is said that it has been recognized. Authorities arrested Pastor […]