A Tale of Two Services Sector Surveys

Battle of May PMI Nothing better illustrates how difficult it is to read today’s economic data. Purchasing Managers Index for Dueling Services Sector Released on Monday. Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) Supply Management Laboratory (ISM) was a dismal affair. The Composite Index fell to 50.3% in May, barely above the benchmark. separate growth from contraction, from […]

Amazon in talks to offer free mobile services to Prime members: Report

Ark invests Kathy Wood predicts Amazon will have more robot workers than humans by 2030. A new report says Amazon is looking into the possibility of offering free or low-cost mobile services to Prime members. The Amazon shop logo can be seen in this photo illustration taken in Warsaw, Poland, May 31, 2023. (Photo credit: […]

Amazon in talks to offer mobile services to Prime members

Amazon is in talks with telecom providers to offer low-cost, or even free, cellular service to U.S. Prime subscribers. Bloomberg News reported The announcement was made on Friday, citing a person familiar with the matter. The e-commerce giant, which has partnered with Verizon Communications, T-Mobile US and Dish Network, is reportedly considering offering Prime members […]

There’s Only One Way Hollywood Can Save Its Streaming Services

Hollywood streaming services other than Netflix have become black holes sucking billions of dollars in cash. The problem, at least as the industry sees it, is customer churn. People don’t cancel streaming services because of cost. I don’t watch it at all, so I’m canceling it. Here’s how churn works… canceling Disney+ and jumping to […]

Gooden demands answers from United Way on federal grant money going to free services for illegal immigrants

First appearance of Fox: texas Congressman Lance GoodenThe Republican, along with Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) of the House Judiciary Committee and fellow committee member Rep. It sent a letter to its chief executive (CEO) asking for a response about reportedly spending federal aid. Make services free for illegal immigrants. Republicans believe that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) […]

Socialist Venezuela Debuts ‘Mustache’ Hotline to Ask Maduro for Emergency Services

CARACAS, VENEZUELA – President Nicolas Maduro this weekend launched 0800-BIGOTE (“0800-MUSTACHE”), the socialist dictator’s new emergency response system named after his superhero alter ego. super bigot (“Super mustache”). The program will begin over the weekend in Carabobo state as a pilot and aims to “revitalize everything that exists at the level of the public health […]

Know your VPNs: the different types of VPN services and how they can help

In a world where technology advances and cyberattacks occur on a daily basis, everyone become a victim of cyber crime. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to learn how to keep these threats at bay and take the necessary steps to protect your privacy as you move through virtual realms. Luckily, aside from being mindful […]

Judiciary Republicans investigating DHS funding to NGOs providing free services for illegal immigrants

First appearance of Fox: House Judiciary Committee Republicans amid taxpayer concerns, demand Homeland Security’s response to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operating at the southern border and providing free services, including food and transportation, to illegal immigrants. We are investigating funding. Dollars are wasted and misused. Speaker Jim Jordan joins Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) and Rep. Tom […]

Secret Service’s shady protect-Biden dodges make ’em ALL look guilty

Ouch: The Secret Service is now officially the Biden Butt Coverage Bureau. The agency just recently rejected another FOIA request from the Post and the House Oversight Committee for Biden’s visitor records from Delaware. Housing — in the process of showing it Before The denial was in fact false. Finally the secret service admit that […]