NHL Playoffs scores: Bruins roll and the Kings shock the Oilers

There is only one correct way to describe playoff hockey. In perhaps the most accurate tweet of all time: Why watch overtime playoff hockey when you can smoke cocaine and bike off a helicopter — Jon Boyce (@jon_bois) April 17, 2014 The playoffs are always great theater, but there’s something different about the NHL playoffs. […]

‘Beef’ star David Choe’s shock rape claim resurfaces amid calls for show boycott

“Beef” star David Cho has been gutted online after a clip resurfaced showing him discussing sexually assaulting a masseuse at a spa in Los Angeles. The graffiti artist originally made inflammatory statements about non-consensual oral sex in 2014, but the footage was recently reposted on Twitter, sparking a backlash. Choe, 46, plays criminal Isaac Cho […]

Americans frightened by shock poll on diminishing importance of traditional values

Washington DC – Americans in the capital react to the country’s changing principles, dejected and fearful by recent polls that found values ​​such as patriotism and faith have become less important to the country in the past 25 years. There was also “It’s sad,” Shelley, an Alabama native, told Fox News. “They don’t believe what […]

Bank of England raises interest rates again, sees inflation shock fading

Andy Brenner, Head of Global Fixed Income at NatAlliance Securities and Peter Schiff, Economist at Euro Pacific Capital, In “The Claman Countdown” Jerome Powell Raises Interest Rates by a Quarter Point, Downplaying Banking Contagion discuss about LONDON – The Bank of England hiked interest rates by a further quarter of a percentage point on Thursday, […]

20 years on, ‘shock and awe’ remains relevant

Twenty years ago, the United States Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq’s overwhelming air and ground invasion. Twelve years ago, in 1991, the United States and about 50 partners launched operations. desert stormIt took just 100 hours of ground operations to drive Saddam Hussein’s forces out of Kuwait, wiping out many in one of the most lopsided […]

Woman describes shock of finding husband’s body in closet

Months after he went missing, an Illinois woman who found her husband’s body in a closet was shocked while looking for Christmas decorations to celebrate the holidays in his absence. He said he made a discovery. Jennifer Mage, 49, reported her husband, Richard Mage, 53, was missing on April 27, but police said nothing until […]

Regional bank shares rebound after shock of Silicon Valley Bank failure

Shares of many regional banks rallied on Tuesday after plummeting in the wake of last week’s Silicon Valley bank failure, signaling a stabilization in the banking industry following an outburst of panic from investors. Shares of San Francisco-based First Republic Bank, which has more than $212 billion in assets, recovered nearly 27% on Tuesday afternoon […]

Officials melt down over ‘hangman’s noose’ found outside medical office, tell of ‘shock, disgust, pain, and anguish’ as hate crime probe launched. But it wasn’t a noose.

Kaiser Permanente officials have expressed outrage over a “hangman’s noose” recently found in a tree outside a clinic in Gilroy, California. Reported by KRON-TV last week. The discovery prompted an investigation into hate crimes, Add KNTV-TV. Detail is? Kaiser officials said the “noose” was hanging from a tree in the parking lot behind the office […]

The States Are the Shock Troops of the ESG Battle of 2023

One of the most important policy battles of 2023 is already quietly happening outside the media spotlight. In fact, many Americans are completely unaware that it is underway. It’s all about his ESG (environmental, social and governance)-driven investments on the left and their corrosive effects on the country. Over the past two years, the left […]