SHOSHANA BRYEN: How Did The Masses Organize Anti-Israel Protests So Quickly?

Talking about National Socialists and Communists is complicated. But sometimes you have to. This is one of those times. Have you ever wondered how the masses at the crossroads organized anti-Israel demonstrations so quickly after the October 7 massacre and kidnapping of Israel by Hamas? Tens of thousands of people on university campuses in the […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: Don’t Lecture Israel About ‘Proportionality’

As Israel’s invasion of Gaza continues, attention has focused on the concept of “proportionality” in both the number of casualties on both sides and the sophistication of the weapons used by both sides. Experts primarily argue that Israel is killing too many Palestinians. However, an understanding of proportionality in the laws of war is lacking. […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: Israel Is At War Against Generations Of Hate

There’s enough to blame, but make no mistake, we’ll get there. But at the top of that list is how generations of Palestinians have been indoctrinated to hate Jews, kill Jews, and consider their own bloody deaths a high honor. This is what has happened. Of course, not all Palestinians took the bait, but it […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: The World Doesn’t Need Joe Biden To Solve Its Problems

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has made a proposal to push forward with President Joe Biden’s awkward tripartite deal between the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. “major concessions,” from Israel to Mahmoud Abbas, a powerful figure in the Palestinian Authority (PA). According to news source Axios, Blinken said Saudi Arabia needs to show the […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: Can The US Turn These Historic Rivals Into Partners?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief security adviser Ron Dahmer’s arrival in Washington follows Israeli-Saudi Arabian terms negotiations (two-way negotiations in a trilateral agreement), with Washington seeking Israel’s opinion. suggests that there is a Or maybe Israel wants an opinion. In either case, the parties, for better or worse, are dancing one way or another, […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: The Biden Admin Should Stay Out Of Israel’s Talks With Saudi Arabia

The beauty of the 2020 Abraham Accords is two-fold: they describe a perceived future built on the failure of the US-led “Arab Spring” and “pro-democracy”. by the regional states themselvesand they moved the United States out of a position of “neutrality” between our democratic ally and longtime partner Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), which […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: Biden Admin Hypocrisy Leaves US Ally Hanging Out To Dry

Summer questions are like gnats. You can swipe it, but it won’t disappear. So take them. The Biden administration Termination of science and technology research grants For Ariel University in the West Bank – because an administration spokesman said “engaging Israel in a geographic area…subject to final status negotiations…is inconsistent with US foreign policy.” Two […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: Here’s What Really Lies Behind The Biden Admin’s Icy Israel Relationship

It was never about Israeli justice. How do I know? First, the Biden administration, and left-leaning Democrats in general, support their position in Israel, so they oppose it in the United States. Having considered stacking the U.S. Supreme Court to undermine the powers of Republican-appointed judges, they found themselves pushing the Israeli Supreme Court without […]


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