US Condemns Internet Shutdowns In Pakistan, Urges To Lift Social Media Ban

The United States called on Pakistan to respect freedom of expression and restore the internet in the country. Washington: The US State Department on Wednesday condemned the internet shutdown in Pakistan, including restrictions on social media platforms, and called on the Pakistani government to lift such restrictions. Advocates of internet surveillance point to internet outages […]

Charges dropped for restaurant that defied COVID shutdowns

A restaurant that refused to close during COVID-19 restrictions and did not request vaccination documentation ultimately had its charges dropped following a court ruling. The Crown dropped the charges against Without Papers Pizza owner Jesse Johnson after just 10 minutes of litigation in court. media vesil gun report. The Calgary-based business refused to close and […]

Government shutdowns are not deficit reduction devices 

The Washington Post recently reported on statements made by Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.). as you say“We shouldn’t be afraid of a government shutdown. Most of what we’re doing here is bad anyway.” It’s hard to believe that not so long ago the prospect of a government shutdown was this disconcerting. Congress typically got its act […]

WI Senate votes on amendment to prevent church shutdowns during emergencies

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate was scheduled to vote Tuesday on an amendment to the state constitution that would prohibit government agencies from ordering churches to close during a state of emergency. The amendments came in response to a stay-at-home order issued by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers in 2020 to slow the spread of the coronavirus. […]

WILFORD: Why Do We Still Have Government Shutdowns?

Congress is leaning toward another government shutdown, with funding from a previously passed seven-week stopgap measure set to expire on Nov. 17. By this point, taxpayers are understandably fed up with the annual brinkmanship, with every spending fight looming over the threat of a government shutdown. . That begs the question of why Congress functions […]

4 key things you need to know about government shutdowns

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. Apocalyptic warnings about a possible government shutdown are hitting the headlines as the nation’s capital fixates on tense negotiations over federal government funding. To quote several prominent news outlets, time is “running out,” we are in “crisis mode,” and the House and Senate are on a “collision […]

UN calls for mass fossil fuel shutdowns to prevent ‘climate time-bomb’

The United Nations (UN) released its latest climate change report on Monday, doubling down on global warming-related risks and dubbed by intergovernmental organizations “mankind’s survival guide.” A synthesis report compiled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seeks to sound the alarm of the risks posed by climate change and the United Nations’ failure […]

LA school district warns of possible shutdowns after 65,000 workers plan 3-day strike

Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the nation over 600,000 studentswarned parents of the possible closure after 65,000 teachers and other staff planned a three-day strike. los angeles times report. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said in an email to parents Monday night that “if this strike were to occur, there would […]