NYC Council bill would let street vendors hawk in middle of sidewalks

Big Apple sidewalks could soon be “radically changed” under a “ridiculous” new City Council bill that would allow street vendors to block off everything from mailboxes to benches, critics post. told the paper. of Bill by Rep. Carmen de la Rosa (D-Manhattan) would allow wheelbarrows to be installed two feet from the curb or six […]

Robot security guard dubbed ‘secret agent man’ deployed to patrol Ohio sidewalks

A shopping mall in Ohio is putting cutting-edge AI technology into its safety team and deploying 400-pound robotic security guards. “He’s our secret agent,” Crocker Park vice president of marketing Stacey Schmidt told local media. “He’s the newest member of the security team here at Crocker Park.” Crocker Park is an open-air shopping mall in […]

Oregon ‘Right to Rest Act’ would let homeless treat tents on public sidewalks as private residences — and sue for $1,000 if ‘harassed’

An Oregon bill called the “Right to Rest Act” decriminalizes camping in public places and gives homeless people the ability to treat property like tents as private residences, even when they’re on public sidewalks. . KATU-TV reported. Detail is? HB3501 KATU maintains that homeless people are entitled to “the benefits and reasonable expectations of privacy […]