Simulated War Games Sink U.S. Carrier Group

Research in China Journal of Test and Measurement Technology Citing a series of software simulations, it concluded that communist hypersonic missile technology could destroy the formidable USS. Gerald R. Ford Attack the carrier fleet by evading the ship’s defensive systems. south china morning post reported on Tuesday. The war game is fueling fears in the […]

Russia fires nuclear-capable, anti-ship missiles in Sea of Japan during simulated attack

Russia has launched several anti-ship missiles in the Sea of ​​Japan, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Moscow announced on Tuesday that its military is conducting a mock missile attack The Russian Defense Ministry said two Mokit cruise missiles hit the target. The Mosquito, whose official NATO designation is SS-N-22 Sunburn, is a supersonic anti-ship […]

Kim Jong-un Oversees Simulated Nuclear Attack on U.S. and South Korea

North Korean state media said Monday that dictator Kim Jong-un personally oversaw drills on Saturday and Sunday that simulated his regime’s “war deterrence and nuclear counterstrike capabilities”. means a nuclear attack on The training included launching an alleged solid-fuel ballistic missile from a secret underground silo. “The drill was also intended to demonstrate our greater […]

Latest missile simulated nuclear counterattack

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea said on Monday it had launched a ballistic missile over the weekend to simulate a nuclear attack on South Korea. According to state media, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has instructed the military to conduct more drills to boost the war readiness of its nuclear forces in the […]

Kim Jong-un Oversees Simulated Attack on South Korean Airfield

North Korean state media reported Friday that dictator Kim Jong-un is overseeing a live-fire drill that simulates an attack on a South Korean airfield. Kim Jong-un reportedly instructed his military to prepare to “overwhelmingly respond and contain” South Korea and the United States’ “desperate war preparation moves.” Analysts say the launch could be the first […]

Police Arrest Students For Allegedly Filming Videos Of Simulated School Shootings

Police have arrested three Florida students for allegedly posting a video on TikTok depicting a school shooting. The first incident occurred at Buffalo Creek Middle School, where police arrested a student Wednesday at the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office news release Said. A Parish Community High School student was arrested Thursday in connection with her second […]