I’m an art expert — I use AI to expose sellers of fake paintings on sites like eBay

She has an AI for fakes. Dr. Karina Popovic, an expert in art authenticity, has revealed that she uses artificial intelligence to spot fraudulent paintings being sold on sites such as eBay. Her process involved using AI technology to analyze photos advertised on retailers’ sites, often finding that they were “highly likely” to be “not […]

Chuck Schumer Announces $400 Million In Federal Funds For Security At Worship Sites

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday announced an increase in federal funding to strengthen security at places of worship in the United States, according to the Associated Press. Schumer said the Federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program will receive an additional $400 million. according to To the Associated Press. The increase in funding is in […]

They were once popular social media sites — what happened?

(NEXSTAR) — With the stroke of a pen, President Joe Biden appeared to be on the move. Countdown to the end of TikTok. While the app may not actually be banned in the U.S., the potential termination of the platform has caused some social media users to reflect on those they’ve lost. Here are social […]

St. Louis’ toxic sites need faster cleanup, lawmakers and residents say

Some Missouri residents and lawmakers are pushing for faster cleanup at several hazardous sites in the St. Louis area. Dawn Chapman, co-founder of Just Moms STL, told Fox News: “We feel like we’re being gassed by federal agencies because of the way they answer their questions and how cavalier they are.” I always felt that […]

Find NFL Draft markets & betting sites

Commercial content. Over 21 years old. Action Network is the official betting partner of the New York Post, which edits this content. The 2024 NFL Draft is here, running from Thursday through Saturday as many college football hopefuls wait to be drafted. Thursday will feature the first round of the draft, Friday will feature the […]

Israel Strikes Iran Near Nuclear Sites

Early Friday morning local time, reports emerged that Israel had attacked multiple Iranian facilities, including targets near suspected Iranian nuclear facilities. Israeli Army Radio reported at 5 a.m. local time, ABC News reported. identified Israeli forces attacked near the Iranian city of Isfahan, as well as other parts of Syria and Iraq. era of israel […]