American taxpayers are now slaves to interest payments

E. J. Antoni, a financial economist at the Heritage Foundation, said consumers are increasingly relying on debt and dipping into savings as they spend more on “making money.” interest on federal debt Currently, that tax is huge, consuming 40% of all personal income taxes. Increasingly, the federal government’s largest source of revenue is devoted solely […]

RFK Jr. explains how Democrats became slaves to Big Pharma

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was one of the first to be censored after President Biden took office. Less than 37 hours after Mr. Biden was sworn in, the White House ordered Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to delete Mr. He threatened to revoke his disclaimer. “Without the Section 230 exemption, their companies would disappear,” RFK Jr. […]

Experts Tell Congress Americans Are Eating Seafood Processed By Slaves

The Congressional Executive Committee on China (CECC) on Tuesday heard testimony that China-based companies use forced labor from North Koreans and Uighur Muslims to process seafood for U.S. consumption. I listened. Experts told the panel that even U.S. military feeding companies purchase fish caught and processed using slave labor. of Congressional hearingThe book, wittyly titled […]

Muscogee Nation judge greenlights citizenship for descendants of tribe members’ slaves

A judge in Oklahoma’s Muscogee (Creek) Nation has ruled to grant citizenship to two descendants of black slaves once owned by members of the tribe, and to hundreds of other descendants known as freedmen. It could open the door. District Judge Dennett Mouser, based at tribal headquarters in Okmulgee, late Wednesday ruled against Rhonda Grayson […]

Judge rejects sex slave’s innocence bid over S&M kidnap and murder

Self-proclaimed ‘sex slave’ says her bid to quash conviction for murdering Marine’s wife makes it ‘unreasonable’ for a California judge to believe she was simply following the orders of her ‘master’ in brutal BDSM murder The case was dismissed after the court ruled that it was. Jessica Lopez, 36, described herself as a slave and […]

Only 1-2% of Black People in Modern America Have Better Lives than Slaves

80s rock singer John Mellencamp says that living conditions for nearly all blacks in America today are no better than they were during the days of slavery. Starring Bill Mahers club random podcast, jack and diane The singer made the outrageous claim that “only 1% or 2% of black people in America” ​​have a better […]


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