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Biden-Trump debate sparks slew of memes: ‘Humiliation’

Malachy makes for good memes. Thursday night’s disastrous debate between President Biden and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump quickly sparked a flood of internet memes as dismayed viewers tried to find humor in the situation. The internet was quick to react to Thursday night’s Biden vs. Trump debate. @MemeTV_Sol/X “If you don’t live in America, […]

Starliner return to Earth delayed indefinitely after a slew of technical issues

The two astronauts onboard Boeing‘s first manned spaceship were supposed to be home already but have had their push date pushed back yet again, this time without a new date proposed. Boeing’s Starliner launched on June 5 after many delays, and when it reached the International Space Station, 28 thrusters went out, causing docking difficulties. […]

Strength of Trump endorsement survives test in slew of GOP primary races

Former President Donald Trump had a successful night in several primaries on Tuesday, as many of his endorsed candidates advanced to the general election in November. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, granted his favor in a number of races during the June 11 primary elections, including Senate, House, and gubernatorial primaries in South Carolina, […]

Rangers can’t find winning combo despite slew of lineup changes

SUNRISE, Fla. — The Rangers’ loss to the Panthers in the Eastern Conference finals wasn’t down to a few inconsequential personnel decisions, but they certainly played a factor in their late playoff run. When head coach Peter Laviolette opted to insert Filip Chytil into the lineup for Game 3 of the Blueshirts’ second-round series against […]

Youngkin vetoes slew of Virginia bills, incl. contraception access measure

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin late Friday vetoed several bills from the final bill of this year’s regular session. Among them was a bill focused on protecting access to contraceptives and one that would allow small businesses to host games of skill similar to slot machines. The veto came after Youngkin, a Republican, first proposed an […]

‘Slew Of Tornadoes’ Heads For Central US

A “widespread outbreak” containing a “slew of tornadoes” is expected to hit the central U.S. Thursday night, forecasters warned. After sending a serious warning to millions of Americans living across more than a dozen states on Wednesday, forecasters updated their observations and warned of a major outbreak of severe weather starting Thursday night. The core […]

Brooklyn parent leader violated slew of laws, could face ban: Banks

City Schools Chancellor David Banks this week harshly reprimanded the Brooklyn Parent Council, which promoted a citywide student strike in protest of the Israel-Hamas war, for “failing to effectively manage its business.” Ta. The banks accused Taj Sutton, president of Regional Education Council 14, of violating multiple state laws, including one that could result in […]