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Only ‘Very Small Percentage of My Colleagues’ Are Still with Biden

Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., told CNN’s “The Source” on Thursday that only a “very small percentage” of his colleagues are still aligned with President Joe Biden. “Do you foresee any other Democrats in the House who will be voting? And if so, how many more do you think will be voting?” moderator Kaitlan Collins asked.“I […]

New York state to ban small shampoo bottles at hotels

New York state plans to require hotels to ban small bottles of “hospitality care” products like shampoo and lotion. The move comes after the New York State Assembly passed a bill that it hopes will reduce waste. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation’s website, starting Jan. 1, 2025, hotels with more than 50 rooms […]

‘Pod Save America’ host says we’re seeing Biden’s ‘arrogant and small’ side  

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to reflect which podcast host made the comments. Jon Lovett, host of “Pod Save America” ​​and a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, slammed Biden’s handling of the fallout from his poor performance in last month’s debate, arguing it showed a “prideful and petty” side of him. Lovett, […]

Family of five killed in small plane crash mourned as gifted athletes

Two boys who died along with their parents and grandfather in a small plane crash following a baseball tournament in upstate New York are being remembered by their families and loved ones as promising stars. James Van Epps, 12, and Harrison Van Epps, 10, died along with their parents, Laura and Ryan Van Epps, both […]

NASA first sample shows asteroid Bennu could be from small ocean world

NASA’s first asteroid sample is the cleanest of its kind. Now, back on Earth, samples taken from the asteroid Bennu are already yielding surprising discoveries about the early solar system and where asteroids came from. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft dropped rock and soil samples from the pristine asteroid into the Utah desert last year after a […]