Yoan Moncada wears mask during White Sox-Yankees game due to smoke

The Yankees and White Sox returned to action on Thursday, with signs of air quality concerns hanging around. Smoke was present, if not as much as the day before. Crowds for the first game of the doubleheader were sparse, no doubt affected by fans avoiding the outdoors. One White Sox player was extra cautious about […]

When will the smoke clear? It’s complicated

The U.S. northeast and mid-Atlantic coast are entering their fourth day of sepia-tinted fog from Canada’s wildfires, and experts say much of the fog may continue into next week, with much of the fog likely to persist in the upper Midwest. Some may also fall within the range of the fire. Nightmarish images of New […]

Most Masks Are Useless Against Wildfire Smoke, CDC Warns

In response to the noxious smoke pollution currently affecting much of the Northeast, many Americans are choosing to wear their old COVID-19 masks. But government agencies warn that most of these masks cannot filter “wildfire smoke,” saying only N95 and other masks can keep smoke out. CDC’s guidelines Most of these masks, including “dust masks” […]

Giants cancel indoor practice due to wildfire smoke

The Giants moved indoors to avoid the smoky air from the Canadian wildfires that flooded the New York/New Jersey area and were scheduled to practice inside the groundhouse on Thursday. However, air quality in the fieldhouse deteriorated, and after consulting with players and medical professionals, coach Brian Dabor made the decision to cancel the scheduled […]

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Spreads ‘Hazardous’ Air Over U.S. Cities

NEW YORK (AP) – Smoke from Canada’s wildfires swept the U.S. East Coast and Midwest on Wednesday, blanketing the nation’s capitals in an unhealthy fog, pushing school recesses indoors and putting people in a pandemic-era climate. It became a situation to buy masks. While Canadian authorities expand evacuation orders, sought help from other countries More […]

JESSE WATTERS: Canada’s dropped a smoke bomb on us

Jesse Watters told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” about smoke outbreaks from Canada’s wildfires that have affected air quality in several northeastern provinces. asking for an apology. Biden Joins AOC to Link Canada’s Wildfires to ‘Climate Crisis’ Jesse Waters: what’s going on I mean, I haven’t seen that much smoke […]

AOC uses NYC wildfire smoke shroud to promote progressives’ Green New Deal

As wildfire smoke smothers New York City, far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has used a rare air pollution crisis to push for a progressive and costly Green New Deal. “Comparing New York City’s wildfire smoke to this public relations campaign, it’s no surprise that we reiterate how unprepared we are for the climate crisis,” said the […]

Yankee Stadium looks like Mars as wildfire smoke smothers NYC

A last-minute change of venue meant the Yankees and White Sox would play on Mars. Clouds of smoke drifting south from the Canadian wildfires turned the Bronx into literal fog by Wednesday afternoon. It was a scene like “Blade Runner”, the sky was blocked, the air was heavy, and the smell of smoke was strong. […]