Blaze News investigates: Biden and Newsom’s electric vehicle schemes are going up in smoke

The Biden administration has made promoting electric vehicles a goal in its climate change plan, but recent developments have hindered efforts to replace gasoline-powered vehicles with electric ones. Despite huge subsidies and government mandates, demand for electric vehicles has plummeted after a period of increased interest. Blaze News spoke to industry insiders to find out […]

Bill Maher calls Steve-O’s request not to smoke ‘ridiculous’

It’s ridiculous that talk show host Bill Maher demands that stuntman and podcaster Steve O not smoke marijuana in front of the host during a taping because he is a former drug addict. said. During an episode of “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!” in late March 2024, the podcaster tells entrepreneur Patrick Bett David that he plans […]

Biden lets public health go up in smoke

Leftists demand that others “follow the science,” but when science and the facts reinforce arguments against their politics, they ignore it. That’s what President Joe Biden is doing with marijuana. He is dangerously sacrificing the facts on the ideological altar of pot pandering.  The Drug Enforcement Administration, responding to Biden‘s signals, announced on April 30 that it would reclassify marijuana from a […]

RFK Jr. threatens to challenge TikTok ban: It’s just a ‘smoke screen’

As efforts to block the video app in the United States became a reality earlier this week, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. threatened on Friday to challenge a possible ban on TikTok. Kennedy: “I intend to file a lawsuit challenging the TikTok ban on constitutional grounds.” wrote on social media platform. “Don’t be […]

Alabama’s crackdown on vaping clouded by smoke over claims it helps ‘Big Tobacco’

Alabama lawmakers are reportedly considering legislation in their final days of the spring session to crack down on underage vaping. The bill received unanimous support in the Alabama House, but it faces an uphill battle in the Alabama Senate as the American Lung Association and the American Heart Association have expressed doubts that the bill […]