Bowser’s Proposed Budget Defunds Soft-on-Crime Overhaul Commission

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (Democrat)’s fiscal 2024 budget proposal helped create a soft criminal law reform against crime that the mayor initially vetoed and was blocked by Congress in a bipartisan effort. It was to cancel the funding of the committee. Bowser’s proposed fiscal budget for next year, according to the mayor, would end […]

Schumer to Join Senate GOP in Overturning DC’s Soft-on-Crime Bill

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) told reporters on Tuesday that he will join the Senate Republican-led effort to overturn Washington, DC’s controversial crime-fighting bill. “I vote yes” Schumer Said at a press conference. “It was a last-minute question, but overall I agree.” The Democratic Senate Speaker’s announcement came after President Joe Biden announced […]

Democrats Frustrated with Biden over DC’s Soft-on-Crime Bill Debacle 

Congressional Democrats are reportedly so upset that President Joe Biden has “blinded” some of them over the failure of Washington, D.C.’s soft-on-crime bill. I’m here. On Thursday, Biden’s Twitter account published what appeared to be a startling policy change on local crime laws that surprised Democrats. Although he said he would sign the bill, Biden […]

D.C. Tries to Withdraw Soft-on-Crime Bill Before Sen Votes to Disapprove

Washington, D.C. Speaker Phil Mendelsohn, a Democrat, sent a letter to the U.S. Senate Monday morning calling for the city’s criminal law reform bill to be withdrawn before the Democratic-controlled Senate joins Republicans in voting on a disapproval resolution. sent. Overturn the bill. “On behalf of the District of Columbia Council, I am withdrawing the […]

Democrats to Give GOP the Votes to Overturn D.C. Soft-on-Crime Law

Democrats have pledged to give Republican senators enough votes to approve a resolution to overturn DC’s crime-fighting law pending President Joe Biden’s promised signature. Republican resolution have At least five of Joe Manchin (D-WV), Patti Murray (D-WA), Bob Casey (D-PA), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) Support of Democratic Senators This gives Republicans enough […]

Biden Says He Would Overturn D.C. Council’s Soft-on-Crime Law

President Joe Biden is set to sign a congressional Republican resolution that, if passed by the Senate in the next few weeks, will end Washington, D.C.’s controversial Soft-on-Crime Act. After meeting with Democrats on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Biden said he would sign a Republican resolution to block DC laws that would reduce punishment for […]

D.C.’s Soft-on-Crime Law Splinters Democrats, Creating GOP Opportunity

A controversial anti-crime bill has been passed in the capital, but some Democrats are working with Republicans to block it, politically isolating President Joe Biden from other parties ahead of 2024. presents the Republican Party with an opportunity to Some Senate Democrats recently backed a bill that would block Washington, D.C.’s soft-on-crime laws, while others […]