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Dem, GOP insiders both see major opportunity after Biden’s first solo presser in months

Democrats and Republicans offered sharply differing views of President Joe Biden’s highly anticipated news conference at the NATO summit, with Republicans calling it another election victory for President Trump and Democrats offering mixed reactions. Still, opinion has shifted among Democrats who think Biden’s performance was “strong.” One Democratic activist said Needless to say He believes […]

‘Great Job, Joe!’: Donald Trump Mocks Biden’s Gaffes At Solo Press Conference

Former President Donald Trump mocked Gov. Joe Bide’s gaffe during a solo press conference Thursday night. Trump appeared on Truth Social in the middle of a roughly hour-long press conference that followed growing calls within Biden’s party for him to drop out. Trump began by criticizing Biden’s “big boy” press conferences, as the Biden campaign […]

Biden’s high-stakes solo press conference slammed from the right as ‘another disaster’

President Biden’s highly anticipated solo news conference on Thursday evening was panned as a “fiasco” by conservatives on social media, who criticized the president’s performance for being haltingly responsive to reporters’ questions about foreign policy and the 2024 presidential election. “This NATO press conference with Biden is another disaster. It is baffling that those advising […]

TERENCE P. JEFFREY: Will Biden Ever Have Another Solo Press Conference?

When the 69-year-old former governor of California ran for president in 1980, his political adversaries and the establishment media often focused on the same theme: Ronald Reagan was “too old.” Gannett News Service published a story in February that explained how George H.W. Bush — who was running against Reagan for the Republican nomination — […]

Solo climber T. Hagiwara dies after fall while scaling Denali

A solo climber attempting to scale Alaska’s Mount Denali, the highest peak in North America, was found dead Monday, federal officials said. The body of Japanese hiker T. Hagiwara was discovered by National Park Service rangers at 17,000 feet on the West Buttress Route giant mountain after an apparent fall while climbing. Concerned family members […]

Minnesota man, 62, on solo camping trip found dead in lake near overturned canoe

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