Soul Dysphoria [A Trans and GenZ Disaster]

Understanding the “trans” phenomenon means recognizing it’s about more than gender. In 2013 the DSM-V, an authoritative diagnostic manual for therapists and clinicians published by the American Psychiatric Association, defined gender dysphoria as “the distress that may accompany the incongruence between one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s assigned gender,” where “gender” refers not to […]

‘President Trump Is the Soul of the Republican Party’

State Sen. John McGuire (R-Va.), who is running for Rep. Bob Good’s (R-Va.) seat, says he believes former President Donald Trump can win in Virginia. He said this while appearing on the show. Breitbart News Saturdaynoted that Trump is “the soul of the Republican Party.” Virginia State Senator John McGuire (Wikipedia) McGuire said he spoke […]

Movie prop-maker’s custom ‘Ghostbusters’ Kia Soul stolen from garage

It would have been better if I had lost weight. A movie prop maker who decked out a Kia Soul to look like the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle from “Ghostbusters” had his custom wheels stolen from his Los Angeles apartment. Erica Nese cheated on her green Kia during the pandemic; told KTLA Last week, someone allegedly […]

Mandisa Funeral Will Be Live-Streamed: She Was a ‘Beautiful Soul,’ TobyMac Says

Family and friends of Grammy Award-winning artist Mandisa will celebrate her life at a funeral service Saturday at a church in Brentwood, Tennessee, which will be livestreamed. Mandisa Lynn Handley passed away on April 18 at the age of 47, shocking a faith community that had been inspired by her upbeat music and her vibrant […]

Ty Cobb responds to Giuliani indictment, says he ‘sold his soul’ for Trump

Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb said Wednesday that he “sold his soul” to protect former President Trump after Rudy Guiliani was indicted by an Arizona grand jury on charges of involvement in a “fake elector” scheme. He suggested that it may have been. In an interview with CNN anchor Erin Burnett, Cobb reflected on […]

Three decisive actions to save the soul of America

The majority of Americans today are dissatisfaction Unless you are disgusted by the political, social, and cultural situation.Certainly there won’t be three presidential candidates in our lifetime. attacked Each poses the greatest threat to democracy. And politics has rarely been driven by a small, extreme minority of either party. Even where the majority of Americans […]

Conservatives Must Offer Platform of Sovereignty to Win ‘War’ for ‘Soul of the West’

Entrepreneur and former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, in a speech in Italy over the weekend, urged his conservative brethren to offer a multi-layered message of sovereignty to win the “war” for the “soul of the West.” He called on them to present their vision. Speaking at the Identity and Democracy party’s “Winds of Change” […]