California Democrats Ramp Up War On Plastic Bags After First Ban Failed Spectacularly

California lawmakers are reimagining the state’s ban on plastic bags, according to Fox News. The state legislature voted to jettison reusable plastic bags after the ban failed to reduce pollution, the report noted. In a statement, Democratic State Sen. Catherine Blakespear, who authored the bill, acknowledged that the Golden State’s ban “hasn’t worked out as […]

TikTok campaign to pressure Congress against restrictions backfires spectacularly after online addicts harass politicians

TikTok campaign to pressure members of Congress against social media restrictions It backfired badly After some young people harassed politicians and threatened to commit suicide. “I will commit suicide if I ban TikTok.” Said According to Politico’s Olivia Beavers, someone called a Republican congressman. House members on the Energy and Commerce Committee are considering approving […]

The ‘Tush Push’ is failing spectacularly for everyone but the Eagles

A recurring theme in the NFL over the past year and a half has been the use of QB sneaks.of philadelphia eagles Teammates literally pushed Jalen Hurts forward as they scrambled for yards. As it happens, the so-called “push-push” has caused the ire of some purists. Many, including former player Richard Sherman, say the play […]

Tucker: This is spectacularly absurd!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out climate change ‘experts’ and their predictions on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Subscribe to … source