Internet addiction spectrum detailed in study: Where do you rate?

The invention of the never-ending scroll of social media has created an unexpected addiction to the internet. Now, researchers are trying to measure screen addiction in a new study. Scientists at the University of Surrey investigated the relationship between age and internet use and found a link between young people and internet addiction. “We found […]

Disney Losing More Than $1.5 Billion Every Year After Spectrum Shuns ESPN: REPORT

Things are only going to get worse for Disney. disney and spectrum failed to complete the transaction Last week it decided to keep the Mickey Mouse-owned network on the latter. Today, more than 14 million residential customers watch the TV show, excluding ESPN and other Disney-owned networks. As a result, many couldn’t get their college […]

Disney’s feud with Spectrum owner slams entertainment stocks

Shares of several entertainment companies, including Fox Inc. and Warner Bros. Discovery Inc., tumbled on Friday after a dispute between media giant Disney and cable provider Charter Communications Inc. over TV distribution fees. Disney blocked cable channels such as ESPN and ABC from airing on charter’s Spectrum network on Thursday night after the two companies […]

Disney channels — including ESPN and ABC — go dark on Charter Spectrum

About 15 million Charter Spectrum customers lost multiple Disney-owned channels on Thursday, including ESPN and ABC. The network went out because Disney and Disney were still in the process of signing a new transportation deal. More than 25 Disney Channels have been terminated from cable TV providers as the two companies held each other accountable […]

ESPN goes dark for Florida-Utah amid dispute Spectrum

Customers of Charter’s Spectrum cable service who wanted to watch Florida v Utah on ESPN have experienced a power outage. ESPN pulled the show Thursday due to both sides having a carriage problem. Wall Street Journal media reporter Joe Flint shared a tweet ESPN screen for Spectrum customers. “The Walt Disney Company, the owner of […]


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