Singer DaniLeigh charged with DUI in hit-and-run crash that fractured victim’s spine

Singer Danily was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run and DUI in Miami Beach after allegedly crashing into a moped driver while intoxicated and breaking his spine, police said. 28 year old recording artist. Daughter with rapper DaBabyA Miami Beach police report said she was driving a Mercedes-Benz G550 precariously through traffic at high speed just […]

Motorcycle crash victim can walk and do chores thanks to brain, spine implants

A man who was partially paralyzed in a motorcycle accident 12 years ago can now walk, climb stairs and do household chores thanks to computer-assisted brain and spinal cord implants. Gerd Jan Oskam, 40, from the Netherlands, lost control of most of his legs and arms after a terrible accident while in China, and doctors […]