Police Spring RV Theft Suspect From Jail To Help Owner Start Vehicle

Washington’s Aberdeen City police sent for an inmate in their jail who allegedly stole an RV in order to help the owner start the recovered vehicle, Fox 13 reported Thursday. Police reportedly recovered the vehicle on March 9 after it had been registered as sold. The RV was in damaged condition and refused to start, […]

Seniors close Spring Hill High School in Tenn. after wild prank

A group of unruly Tennessee high school students “went too far” with an originally sanctioned upperclassman prank, destroying classrooms and hallways in their frenzy, causing “pretty devastating” damage. Spring Hill High School was left in ruins and forced to close for a day after about 100 students were allowed into the building by district officials […]

Here’s who was with Trump at RNC’s Spring Meeting at Mar-a-Lago

Former President Trump hosted a private lunch event at his Mar-a-Lago club over the weekend, inviting a number of top Republican donors and prominent party leaders. The main contents of the fundraising activities are: seen as an audition For Vice President Trump in the Republican Party. The guest list is rumored to include South Dakota […]

Florida locals infuriated as spring breakers caught dumping trash into the ocean

A group of drunken spring breakers dumped two giant garbage cans filled with trash into the ocean in Florida, infuriating local residents. The brazen partygoers were likely part of the 10,000 revelers attending the annual Boca Bash over the weekend. Shocking video footage In the group shared online, people can be seen dumping trash from […]

House Republicans brace for spring legislative sprint with one less GOP vote

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Unique outdoor spring date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy this season

Looking for spring date ideas? Many people in the United States spend the months leading up to spring avoiding the cold. The arrival of spring is the perfect time to get your dose of vitamin D and enjoy the warm weather again. Long-distance date ideas that allow you to be together even when you’re apart […]

10 great deals you can grab during the FOX News Shop Spring Sale

FOX News fans love shopping at the FOX News Shop Spring Sale. (FOX News Shop) Get an early start on your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift shopping while enjoying great deals during the FOX News Shop Spring Sale. Find the perfect gift for the FOX News fan in your life. Up to 45% off […]