New Staging Ground in Poland Gives U.S. Military ‘Options’

Drowsko Pomorskie (Poland) – The United States recently unveiled a new military stronghold region in central-western Poland, taking another step in preparing for future wars and other potential contingencies in Eastern Europe. The new garrison will house up to 3,600 U.S. soldiers, or roughly the equivalent of an army brigade, in case of urgent need […]

California cop faced no discipline for staging own suicide, soliciting prostitutes: report

A San Diego police officer who committed suicide and solicited prostitutes while on duty faced little consequences for his actions, police records recently revealed. Cesar Alcantara, who resigned from the San Diego Police Department last year, was the subject of an internal investigation that found him involved in criminal activity, according to innewsource and KPBS […]

ISIS using Afghanistan as staging ground for terror plots after US withdrawal: report

It’s been less than two years since President Biden blindly pulled his troops out of Afghanistan, and IS terrorists are already using the country to plan attacks in Europe and Asia. According to leaked Pentagon documents reported by The Washington Post, Islamic State Khorasan State is also conducting an “ambitious conspiracy” against the United States. […]

Russia will be staging nukes in Belarus, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he plans to bring nuclear weapons into Belarus as a warning to Western countries as they increasingly support Ukraine. Putin said on state television on Saturday that the move was a response to Britain’s decision last week that Russia would send armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium. falsely claimed to […]

George Santos accused of staging credit card fraud scheme

A man convicted of fraud in a 2017 Seattle credit card skimming operation alleges his former roommate, Rep. George Santos (R-NY), was the mastermind behind the operation. The document says there is. Gustavo Ribeiro Trelha said in an affidavit sent Tuesday to the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service New York Office, and the U.S. Department […]