Russian fashion label sells $1,600 jackets inspired by Josef Stalin

The Russian fashion label has a collection of jackets inspired by the late Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, priced at $1,600 each. The Moscow-based fashion designer decided to launch a line of Starines-inspired jackets to commemorate March 5th, the death of the man responsible for the deaths of millions of people. by UK-based news site “Metro”people […]

‘Stalin Would Be Proud — I’m Sure Putin Is Proud’

Conservative speaker Mark Levin on FNC’s “Hanity” Monday criticized Fulton County, Georgia’s indictment against former President Donald Trump. Levin questioned the legitimacy of the charges, saying they violated the constitution’s supremacy clause. Well, Stalin would be proud. Putin must be proud. I think our enemies are celebrating, but our allies are amazed at what is […]