Pilot accused of spying on woman with plane busted for stalking again

A pilot suspected of being a serial stalker has been arrested for the third time in the past four months after tailing a woman from his car. Michael Arnold, 65, is accused of driving a maroon car slowly behind a woman who had an order of protection, then stopping and driving away, according to the […]

Cal-USC Game Delayed by Protests Over Professor’s Stalking Suspension

Saturday’s game between the California Golden Bears and USC Trojans was delayed due to protests at midfield. There was speculation in the press and on social media that the protests were connected to the war between Israel and Hamas, but in fact the protesters were recently suspended on suspicion of stalking. It supported Professor Yvonne […]

California-USC game delayed after students protest professor’s stalking suspension

Before the start of Saturday’s game between UC Berkeley and USC, students sat in midfield and linked arms in protest. About 15 people protested, and the game was delayed several minutes. The students were eventually handcuffed and taken away. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COM Protesters supporting University of California professor Yvonne del […]

Ukraine Fund Accountability ‘Is a Stalking Horse’ for GOP

On Friday’s CNN News Central, Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) responded to a question about whether he supported more accountability for U.S. aid to Ukraine, saying, “Accountability is a big deal for Republicans. , a chasing horse trying to avoid an unfair deal.” It’s a vote that could anger their Trump supporters. ” Co-host Kate Bolduan […]

US Teacher Accused Of Raping Student Rearrested For Stalking, Harassing Victim: Police

The defendant was transported to the Tipton County Jail. A Tennessee fourth-grade teacher accused of raping a 12-year-old student has been re-arrested on charges of stalking and harassing the victim, the Covington Police Department announced. Police arrested Alyssa McCommon, 38, at her home in Covington and charged her with new criminal charges of witness coercion, […]

LAPD assistant chief, Alfred Labrada placed on leave following stalking accusations

A Los Angeles Police Department official has been accused of stalking after allegedly using a tracking device to monitor the movements of a subordinate with whom he was romantically involved, according to reports. Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Alfred “Al” Labrada was placed on administrative leave Tuesday due to the charges, Police Chief Michael […]

South Korean Mother Found Guilty Of Stalking Own Daughter, Gets 6 Months In Jail

She claimed her actions were unintentional, but the court rejected her claim. A South Korean woman was found guilty of stalking and harassing her adult daughter and sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years. of Independentreport. His name has not been released, but he is said to be in his 50s. According […]


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