Arizona Universities Abandon DEI Statements For Faculty Applicants

Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute The Arizona Board of Regents has decided to eliminate a diversity requirement that [for] applicants to give a statement about diversity, equity, and inclusion. The shift comes after the nonprofit Goldwater Institute publicized that 80% of faculty job postings at three major Arizona public universities required applicants to do […]

GOP Sends Hunter, James Biden Criminal Referrals to DOJ, Citing False Statements

A House committee has filed criminal charges with the Department of Justice regarding Hunter Biden and James Biden’s alleged “false statements to Congress” about key aspects of the impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden, according to information obtained by Breitbart News on Wednesday. The alleged false statements about Joe Biden’s knowledge of and involvement in […]

Attorneys to deliver opening statements in Hunter Biden gun trial

Federal prosecutors will begin making the case to a jury in Delaware on Tuesday that Hunter Biden allegedly lied about his drug use to purchase a gun in 2018. They are set to argue as part of their opening statement that Biden was a compulsive addict when he allegedly falsely checked off on a federal […]

Harvard will no longer issue statements on current events that do not affect the institution

Harvard University will no longer issue universitywide statements on current events that do not have a direct impact on the institution.  The Institutional Voice Working Group at Harvard University issued its report and recommendations to the university after being established in April to “consider whether and when our institution should speak on public issues.” Harvard […]

‘Lawfare’: Gov’t rejects Steve Baker’s gun request over his ‘alleged threatening statements’ at ‘public officials’ on Jan. 6

On January 6, the federal government rejected a pretrial request by Blaze News investigative journalist Steve Baker to lift gun restrictions on him over his “alleged threats against public officials.” Baker’s pretrial services staff cited “safety concerns” about Baker’s possession of a gun, according to minutes from Washington, D.C., federal Judge Christopher R. Cooper. Baker […]

Jury picked, opening statements begin in US v. Menendez: ‘Use your good judgment’

Twelve jurors and six alternates were selected Wednesday to begin hearing opening statements in New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez’s high-profile federal corruption trial. Opening statements are expected to last up to three hours in total, with prosecutor Lara Pomerantz given 45 minutes. U.S. Judge Sidney H. Stein told jurors: “Use common sense, use your […]