Arnold Schwarzenegger expands on his current relationship status with ex-wife Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger legally divorced his ex-wife Maria Shriver just two years ago and is now open about the status of their relationship. Asked whether his relationship with Mr. Shriver has entered a new chapter since becoming grandparents to his daughter Katharine’s two children, the former California governor said he has “never left” his first children. […]

Andrew Thomas’ Monday night status in question after sitting out practice

The optimism surrounding the signing of Giants offensive lineman Andrew Thomas at the beginning of the week has taken a disappointing turn. Thomas missed practice on Friday and was set to return to action for the first time since Week 1 in a home game against the Seahawks on Monday night. The $117.5 million left […]

North Korea Makes Nuclear Weapons Status Part Of Constitution

North Korea has conducted a record number of weapons tests this year. Seoul: North Korea’s rubber-stamp parliament enshrined the country’s status as a nuclear-weapon state in its constitution, state media reported on Thursday. Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, said at a meeting of the People’s Assembly held on Tuesday and Wednesday […]

Hornets’ Kai Jones has ‘murky’ status after bizarre posts

The Hornets have remained silent about what’s going on with Kai Jones, raising eyebrows as to whether he will remain with the team in the short term. Jones’ situation within the team is ‘a little murky’ According to Charlotte Wardennotes that he has not participated in the Hornets’ option player practice in recent weeks and […]

Over 1,000 school districts allow teachers to hide transgender status of students from their guardians, parents’ group claims

parents’ rights groups Parents who protect education Published a list of school districts where teachers can keep information about a child’s gender confusion from parents. of listAlthough the organization said it was not comprehensive, the report found that “school district officials openly stated that they could or should hide a student’s transgender identity from their […]

Chicago leader wants voters to decide sanctuary city status amid influx of migrants

Some Chicago elected officials want voters to decide whether the city should remain a sanctuary city as immigrants continue to pour in, straining resources and finances. About 9,000 migrants are staying in the city’s 21 shelters, with another 2,000 waiting for space to become available, as buses carrying migrants began arriving in the city last […]

Trump Claims Pro-Lifers Had ‘Zero Status’ Until His Presidency

Former President Donald Trump claimed on social media Monday that the pro-life movement had “zero status” before taking office. Trump has faced backlash from the pro-life movement for his past comments on anti-abortion activism.President Trump Press Secretary Stephen Chan told the Washington Post In April, he said he believed the legality of abortion should be […]

Yankees manager Aaron Boone has not been told about job status

As the Yankees enter the offseason without a postseason appearance for the first time since 2016, Aaron Boone said he has not been informed he will be back next season. Boone’s contract runs through next season, and the Yankees have been in the middle of a contract since Stump Merrill was fired during George Steinbrenner’s […]

Bengals make flurry of quarterback moves due to Joe Burrow’s questionable status

The Cincinnati Bengals are preparing for the possibility that Joe Burrow won’t play Monday night. Burrow is listed as questionable after aggravating a calf injury he suffered early in training camp, effectively sidelining him the entire preseason. So on Friday, the team announced that Cincy had signed Reid Sinnett to its practice squad. early Saturday […]