Commission Calls for End of Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse

PARIS (AP) — A French commission investigating sexual violence against children on Friday called for the removal of time limits on prosecuting people suspected of raping or sexually assaulting minors. The Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence against Children, known by its French acronym CIIVISE, also recommended that child sexual abuse be defined as […]

Statute Barring Gun Possession After DUI Violates 2A

Judge John Milton Young ruled Tuesday that a law prohibiting people from owning a gun after driving under the influence violates the Second Amendment. The law is § 922(g)(1), and Mr. Young reached this decision after considering the following aspects: blue en (2022). The plaintiff in the case, Edward A. Williams, filed the lawsuit because […]

Maine’s high court hears case on removal of child sex abuse statute of limitations

Lawyers for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland told a Supreme Court judge on Thursday that Maine’s removal of the statute of limitations for child sex abuse lawsuits is unconstitutional and would impose new liability, potentially bankrupting some dioceses. He mentioned the costly lawsuits that led to the But an attorney at a law firm […]

Proposed new law would greatly expand NYS hate crimes statute

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and two Albany state lawmakers proposed a new state law Monday that would expand the list of hate crimes in the Empire State and stiffen certain penalties. The Hate Crimes Modernization Act, which is expected to be considered when the Legislature reconvenes next year, would add 31 new crimes that […]

Trump’s ‘statute of limitations’ claim at civil trial explained

On Tuesday, the Manhattan judge who handed down the $250 million civil fraud case against Donald Trump clarified his comments about the statute of limitations that the former president hailed as a victory. As he left Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday afternoon, President Trump cheerfully declared that Judge Arthur Engoron agreed that “80 percent” of […]

Georgia’s Republican AG announces indictment of 61 leftists under the RICO statute used just weeks ago against Trump

in controversial moveFanny Willis, Democratic Fulton County District Attorney Paid Former President Donald Trump was indicted last month under Georgia’s Stockbrokers and Corrupt Organizations Act. Apparently Willis Proud Daughter of Top Black Panthermay have unwittingly opened a Pandora’s box of legislative acceptability in the state, to the detriment of her fellow leftists. Georgia’s Republican Attorney […]

Michigan lawmakers revive effort to nearly double sex abuse statute of limitations

The Michigan legislature on Tuesday introduced a bipartisan bill that would give sexual abuse victims more time to file damages lawsuits as the state seeks to overhaul its laws again after multiple sex abuse scandals. The bill, which was introduced to the commission on Tuesday afternoon, would extend the civil statute of limitations for sexual […]