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Michigan lawmakers revive effort to nearly double sex abuse statute of limitations

The Michigan legislature on Tuesday introduced a bipartisan bill that would give sexual abuse victims more time to file damages lawsuits as the state seeks to overhaul its laws again after multiple sex abuse scandals. The bill, which was introduced to the commission on Tuesday afternoon, would extend the civil statute of limitations for sexual […]

Partisan rift stalls PA’s proposed statute of limitations waiver for sex abuse cases

Child sex abuse victims pressed the Pennsylvania legislature on Monday to move forward with a two-year grace period to file antiquated lawsuits over their claims, but a partisan struggle in Congress , the proposal remained locked up with no prospect of resolution. Amid the stalemate, survivors renewed their calls for Congress to pass one of […]

Not so fast, Rep. Graves—The FAA statute is ambiguous 

President Biden’s nominee for Federal Aviation Administration Commissioner Phil Washington faces potential obstacles to his approval. Some members of Congress believe he is ineligible for the position. The problem is that Washington is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and the law requires FAA administrators to be “civilians.” Rep. Sam Graves (Republican-Mo.) recently told […]