Target’s stock loses $12.7 billion, hits lowest level since 2020

Target’s stock has lost a whopping $12.7 billion in the past two weeks to its lowest level in nearly three years as “cheap chic” discount retailer Target continues to face backlash over LGBTQ-friendly children’s clothing. became. Shares of the troubled chain slid 0.3 percent to $133.42 in early Wednesday trading after falling for eight consecutive […]

Memorial Day and the stock market

Check out what’s being clicked on As the American public mourns and mourns those who have died in military service, Wall Street will pause Monday for Memorial Day holiday. there will be nothing stock trading The US stock market will be closed. The US bond market will also be closed, so there will be […]

Cathie Wood explains why Nvidia stock exploded and what the ‘real’ AI play is

Ark Invest CEO and CIO Cathie Wood provides insight into stock performance on ‘Kudlow’. Technology company Nvidia has been touted as an emerging leader in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent days, but Ark Invest CEO Cathy Wood said she saw the potential in 2014. It is “At the time, it was just a sleepy old […]

Conservative ETF sells Target stock over ‘woke’ agenda

In “The Bottom Line,” former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway discusses how America’s big companies can target conservative consumers. A right-wing investment fund did Target a boon, adding to the fallout over the retailer’s Pride merchandising plans. The American Conservative Values ​​ETF (ACVF) said Thursday it has sold stakes in the retail giant and added […]

AI-generated photo of fake Pentagon explosion sparks brief stock selloff

A fake photo of an explosion at the Pentagon, allegedly generated by AI, went viral on social media on Monday, causing widespread confusion among users and a temporary drop in the US stock market. Fake photos showing smoke rising outside the Pentagon were shared by Russian state media and other accounts, along with claims that […]

Morgan Stanley warns stock rally is not the start of a bull market

Don Ruskin, Chief Investment Officer at TrendMacro, provides insight into the debt ceiling debate and the Fed’s policy on “making money.” large rally in US stock market According to Morgan Stanley, the economy of the past month is likely to die out soon. Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist and longtime Wall Street […]

Senators blast former SVB chief over bonuses, stock sales

At Tuesday’s hearing before the Senate Banking Committee, senators accused Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker of giving out bonuses and selling stakes in the bank just before it collapsed. Senator Sherrod Brown (D, Ohio), chairman of the committee, told Becker at the hearings on the SVB and Signature Bank failures that “the bonuses are […]

Aaron Rodgers, David Bakhtiari Blast Dianne Feinstein over Stock Trades

Former Packers forward Aaron Rodgers and current Packers forward David Bakhtiari outraged allegations that Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California) made “abnormal deals” to build her billions. ing. Bakhtiari responded to a tweet by the Unusual Whales account, which posted information showing that Feinstein made “unusual deals” to build a net worth of over $200 million. How […]

Aaron Rodgers, David Bakhtiari rip Dianne Feinstein stock trades

Former Packers teammates Aaron Rodgers and David Bakhtiari are teaming up again to question Senator Diane Feinstein’s stock trading ethics. The story hit Wednesday on the Unusual Whales account, where Packers left tackle Bakhtiari, 31, claims that Feinstein’s oddly-timed trade helped boost her net worth to more than $200 million. It started when I saw […]

Groomer Backlash – Disney Stock Downgraded for ‘Cognitive Dissonance’

Crater’s Walt Disney Company shares Downgraded On Friday, analysts at Wolf Research accused toddler groomers of “cognitive dissonance.” here is very good meaning Cognitive Dissonance: Cognitive dissonance is the psychological discomfort caused by holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. Because people tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, this inconsistency creates uncomfortable […]