Pro-Palestinian demonstrator sets Israeli flag on fire in NYC protest, stomps on it

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators set fire to an Israeli flag and stomped on it during a protest in New York City on Friday. The incident occurred during a protest that began at Columbus Circle in Manhattan and was attended by several hundred people. The person who lights the flag has his face covered with a keffiyeh. Onlookers […]

Trump Stomps Biden in 5 Crucial Swing States Per NY Times Polling

former president donald trump tops Joe Biden cheated in five of six key battleground states, according to far-left poll new york times. Let’s talk numbers… Nevada – Trump +11 Trump: 52% Biden: 41% Arizona – Trump +5 Trump: 49% Biden: 44% Pennsylvania – Trump +4 Trump 48% Biden: 44% Georgia – Trump +6 Trump: 49% […]

Philly motorcyclist stomps on back windshield of Nikki Bullock’s car: video

An angry motorcyclist stomped on the back windshield of a car carrying a mother, her girlfriend and two children on a Philadelphia street Sunday, according to footage of the crash. of shocking moment, Footage recorded by a tourist shows an unidentified man riding a motorcycle with other motorcyclists, dirt bikers and ATV riders, getting off […]

Louisiana Tech’s Brevin Randle Stomps the Head of a Defenseless Opponent

Louisiana Tech suspended linebacker Brevin Randle indefinitely Saturday night after he stepped on the head and neck of an opposing player lying on the ground. Despite the abhorrent nature of the act, Randle’s barbaric act initially went unpunished by officials preoccupied with competing for loose balls. However, cameras caught Randle stomping UTEP offensive lineman Stephen […]


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