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Fat studies: The Ivy League’s latest and craziest academic trend

Brown University’s pre-college program is offering a course about fatphobia in which students will discuss “the social, medical, and cultural implications of fatness” in an introduction to the emerging academic field of “Fat Studies.” You can’t make this stuff up.  The weeklong class, titled “The F-Word: Examining the Science, Culture, and Politics of Fatness,” will […]

Instagram Pushes Sexualized Content On 13-Year-Olds Within Minutes Of Logging In, Studies Show

Instagram recommends sexualized content to young teenagers within minutes of their first log in, according to studies from The Wall Street Journal and Northeastern computer-science professor Laura Edelson. The studies, which consisted of scrolling through Instagram Reels using new test accounts with listed ages of 13, found that adult sex-content creators appeared in the test […]

DAVID BLACKMON: Two New Studies Shed Light On Biden’s Green Energy Money Pit

A study released last week by big energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie says a Republican (i.e., Trump) win in November’s elections could “decelerate [the] energy transition,” and result in a reduction of “energy investment” of $1 trillion. Anticipating a possible Trump victory, Wood MacKenzie’s study includes what it calls a “delayed transition” scenario, in addition to a “base […]

Studies Showed They Weren’t Inflationary

In an interview aired on NPR’s “Morning Edition” broadcast on Tuesday, U.S. Trade Representative Ambi Anne Amber said: In response to concerns that the Biden administration’s tariffs on China, including the suspension of tariffs from the Trump administration, will lead to inflation, Katherine Tai said, “The link between these tariffs and inflation is false.” “I’ve […]

Artificial intelligence not always helpful for reducing doctor burnout, studies suggest

The use of generative AI may not help reduce burnout in the medical field, new research suggests. Previous research has shown that increasing time spent using electronic health record (EHR) systems and handling administrative responsibilities is burdening physicians. So while some have heralded artificial intelligence as a potential solution, a recent study by the US […]

Harvard-Affiliated Cancer Center Retracts Several Studies

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute retracted seven studies and is investigating multiple researchers after allegations were made that images had been manipulated or duplicated, according to NBC News. Dr. Sholto David, a molecular biologist, investigated in January multiple studies from top researchers within the institute, which is a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and concluded […]

These studies suggest we might be VERY wrong about Gen Z

Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) has a terrible reputation. They are often characterized as lazy, entitled, chronically anxious technology addicts. And while there may be some truth to that stereotype, statistics show that zoomers are actually better than we are led to believe. Gen Z author and conservative voice Isabel Brown shared […]