Twitter censorship increases under Elon Musk leadership: Study

Censorship on Twitter has increased under Elon Musk’s ownership to levels well above those of previous administrations. Media Research Center. The report comes despite Musk’s public statement that he will operate the platform as a haven for free expression. A conservative media watchdog group recorded 293 “documented censorships” between November 4th and March 4th. This […]

Plants emit ultrasonic screams when stressed: Study

Vegetarians may be apprehensive to learn that their groceries were screaming out while bloodless. Scientists have long known that plants have the ability to exhibit phenotypic changes in response to stress. They release organic compounds. Apparently they can cry too. a new research A paper published Thursday in the peer-reviewed journal Cell revealed that stressed […]

Plants scream when stressed or hurt — they’re ‘rather noisy’: study

These are your mother’s words. Studies have shown that thirsty or stressed plants emit pops that are undetectable to the human ear. Published in Cell Journal on Thursday. Scientists at Tel Aviv University used special microphones to record the ultrasound emitted by tomato and tobacco plants in soundproof boxes and greenhouses. The researchers say they […]

Female lizards at Colorado Army base are ‘stress eating’ during flyovers: study

A rare female lizard that lives around Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado is “stress eating” to cope with the noise of military aircraft flying. new research I found. Called the Colorado checkered whiptail, these rare reptiles display compensatory feeding behavior when low-flying Apache, Chinook, Blackhawk helicopters, and sometimes F-16 fighter jets swoop into their […]

California’s desert trees can’t take the heat: study

Some of the Southwest’s most iconic desert trees are running for their lives in what could be a grim harbinger for more temperate ecosystems across the West. a study It provides evidence that desert ecosystems, long recognized as the most resilient to climate change, may be reaching their limits. Researchers at the University of California, […]

Fed Chair Jerome Powell to speak to Republican Study Committee

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will speak to the Republican Study Committee, the largest Conservative caucus at the House Republican Congress, at the group’s weekly meeting on Wednesday, the group said. said the aide. Debt ceilings and banking issues are likely to be the topics of greatest interest to our members. CQ roll call first […]

Man Allegedly Pulled Out Knife, Stabbed Wife To Death During Weekly Bible Study

A man allegedly murdered his wife during a Bible study in Minnesota on Tuesday. During a weekly session in St. Paul, Minnesota, 40-year-old Robert Castillo allegedly fatally stabbed his wife Corinna Woodhull with a knife. report. A 40-year-old St. Paul man with a violent criminal record has been accused of fatally stabbing his wife during […]

Other people’s body odor could reduce social anxiety: study

This smells fishy. A new study finds that social anxiety can be reduced with the help of human “chemosignals.” In this case, it is someone else’s body odor. As unglamorous as it may seem, researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden found that exposure to bad odors combined with mindfulness therapy reduced social anxiety by […]

PGA Tour Bible Study Group helps golf’s Scottie Scheffler

On Thursday, 26-year-old American golfer Scotty Schaeffler will begin defending the Masters title he won last year. He won the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, winning the tournament’s legendary green his jacket and his $2.7 million. Carrying his bag again is his trusty caddy and fellow Christian, Ted Scott. Some might call the two […]