New Mexico’s AG sues manufacturers of ‘forever chemicals’

The New Mexico Attorney General and the Department of the Environment on Thursday awarded financial damages to manufacturers of so-called “forever chemicals” (commonly known as PFAS) to cover the costs of environmental monitoring and cleanup they say are inevitable. filed a lawsuit seeking Attorney General Raúl Torres said the 21 companies named in the lawsuit […]

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sues alcohol giant for alleged racist practices, claims company treated his brands worse ‘because he is black’

Hip-hop artist, producer and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs is suing his business partner and alcohol brand Diageo for alleged racist conduct, distribution discrepancies and favoritism to other affiliated brands. reported. Guardian. Court filings revealed that Combs’ attorney said: Diageo And its executives “stepped into the neck of Mr. Combs’ brand,” sucking up production and distribution […]

Man sues Angels after getting blinded in one eye by ball

A California man is suing the Angels for unspecified damages after he lost his sight in his left eye after being hit by a ball that was allegedly thrown into the stands during a game last season, multiple media outlets have reported. David Mermelstein was watching the Royals’ game at Angels Stadium on June 22, […]

Getty sues Stability AI system to stop UK sales

Stock photo provider Getty Images has asked the London High Court for an injunction to prevent artificial intelligence company StabilityAI from selling its AI image-generating system in the UK, court filings reveal became. The Seattle-based company is accusing the company of infringing copyright by using its images to “train” a stable diffusion system, according to […]

Parent Sues, Alleges Male Trans Student ‘Attacked’ Daughter in Girls’ Bathroom

oklahoma parents filed a lawsuit Edmond Public Schools alleges 15-year-old daughter was “attacked and severely beaten” in the girls’ bathroom by a 17-year-old male student who identified as transgender, Fox25 report on wednesday. The lawsuit, filed May 25, alleges that the attack occurred on October 26, 2022 around 7:15 a.m. claims to have known the […]

Project Veritas sues its founder, James O’Keefe

Project Veritas has irreparably harmed founder James O’Keeffe, his new investigative journalism organization, and two employees who have followed him since he left the company. is suing as what is the background? O’Keeffe founded Project Veritas in 2010. TheBlaze previously reported that he was given a leave of absence in early February and that the […]

Indiana AG Sues to Halt Joe Biden’s Illegal Immigration Pipeline

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (Republican) calls for new federal rules aimed at turning illegal immigration into a “legal channel” to more easily release border crossers into the United States, Joe Breitbart News has learned exclusively of the lawsuit filed against the Biden administration. A federal rule that was finalized this month allows foreign nationals […]

Family sues for wrongful death of Arby’s freezer victim

The Louisiana woman who died after being trapped in an Arby’s walk-in freezer was reportedly a widowed mother of four who worked part time at a fast food chain. Guet Li, 63, who worked as the general manager of Arby’s and opened a restaurant in New Iberia, Louisiana, about 30 minutes south of Lafayette, was […]

TX Sues Biden for ‘Illegally Pre-Approving’ Migrants Through Mobile App

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit Tuesday against President Joe Biden’s administration for “illegal pre-authorization” of immigrants into the United States through a mobile app, accusing Paxton of facilitating illegal immigration. claim. After Title 42 ended earlier this month, the Biden administration announced new rules requiring asylum seekers to apply for protection in […]