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Hunter Biden is dressed down by sugar brother’s daughter

The daughter of Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, has accused her eldest son of “taking advantage” of the billionaire Hollywood lawyer, The Washington Post has learned. Darci Lou Morris, 23, confronted her eldest son and accused him of accepting millions of dollars from his father for legal fees. Morris, 60, is a Hollywood entertainment […]

Extend success of UK sugar tax to cakes, biscuits and chocolate, experts urge | Sugar

Health experts say the sugar tax has been so effective in improving people’s diets that it should be extended to include cakes, biscuits and chocolate. The World Health Organisation has called on the next UK government to expand the tax to tackle tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and other diseases. The plea, published in the WHO’s […]

WILFORD: ‘Taxachusetts’ Feels Millionaire Tax Sugar Rush, But The Crash Is Coming

This past tax year marked the first year in which Massachusetts’s new “millionaire tax” — a four percent surtax on income over $1 million earned in the state — hit Massachusetts taxpayers. With the new revenue rolling in, the surtax’s proponents have begun to declare victory over critics who warned that the tax would only […]

CIA Blocked Probe Into Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Kevin Morris, Docs Show

The CIA appeared to instruct the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) for Delaware, Lesley Wolf, to block an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) team’s investigation into Hunter Biden from using his benefactor, Kevin Morris, as a witness, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley said in an affidavit the House Ways and Means Committee released Wednesday. Shapley, as a […]

Hunter Biden now claims he didn’t introduce dad to Burisma exec despite admitting they dined together — as ‘sugar brother’ runs out of cash

WASHINGTON — Indicted eldest son Hunter Biden accused a Ukrainian gas company executive who paid Hunter a $1 million salary even though then-Vice President Joe Biden testified before Congress that he dined with him. In a new interview, he suggested that he did not introduce his father. With the same Burisma Holdings executives. ‘Sugar Brother’ […]