Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Against First Publicly-Funded Religious Charter School

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the charter of what would have been the nation’s first publicly funded religious school was unconstitutional, according to court records. Oklahoma’s Virtual Charter School Board voted to approve an application for a virtual religious charter school in June 2023, but Republican state Attorney General Gentner Drummond filed a lawsuit […]

Arkansas Supreme Court eliminates gender neutral option for state IDs

The Arkansas Supreme Court on Tuesday eliminated the option for residents to use gender-neutral identifiers on their state identification cards. The ruling reinstates a state law banning the use of “X” as a gender identifier after a lower court blocked the bill earlier this month, saying it would harm transgender residents. Arkansas Attorney General Tim […]

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Must Now Enter Compulsory Military Service, Israel’s Supreme Court Decides In Historic Ruling

Israel’s Haredim or ultra-orthodox Jews must be drafted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the country’s supreme court unanimously decided Tuesday in a historic ruling, multiple outlets reported. The court decided that exemptions for the Haredim constituted “invalid selective enforcement, which represents a serious violation of the rule of law, and the principle according to […]

Supreme Court rejects Josh Duggar’s appeal in child porn case

Josh Duggar was out of luck. The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by a disgraced former reality star who was convicted of child pornography. Per Fox. Duggar, 36, was trying to vacate his 12-year prison sentence, which he is expected to serve until 2032. The Supreme Court has rejected Josh Duggar’s appeal. AP […]

US Supreme Court to weigh Tennessee ban on transgender puberty blockers for minors

The U.S. Supreme Court will enter a bitter battle over the treatment of transgender minors during its next term, following lobbying from everyone from the Biden administration to transgender actor Elliot Page. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a challenge to a Tennessee law that restricts the use of puberty-suppressing drugs and […]

Supreme Court Agrees To Take Up Red State Ban On Child Sex Change Procedures

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider Tennessee’s ban on child sex change procedures. The case, United States v. Skrmetti, considers whether a Tennessee law that bans medical procedures intended to enable “minor[s] to identify with, or live as, a purported identity inconsistent with the minor’s sex ” — such as cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers […]

The Supreme Court’s gun rights decision deepens the cracks in originalism

The Supreme Court has delivered a verdict that has brought a sigh of relief to much of the country. Domination Last week, 8-1 Federal law from 30 years ago Prohibiting domestic violence suspects from possessing guns while under a restraining order is constitutional under the Second Amendment, the court ruled, overturning a unanimous decision by […]

Supreme Court decision on Trump immunity: What to know

Former President Trump has argued that as a former commander in chief he is immune from prosecution, but the nation is preparing for a potentially momentous Supreme Court decision as early as this week. The case could have a major impact on how former presidents are held accountable for any criminal acts they committed while […]