Supreme Court preview: the major decisions still to come

Supreme Court judgment season is in full swing. Judges are expected to issue major rulings on student debt relief, affirmative action, and the Voting Rights Act in the coming weeks, with opinions on the remaining 30 lawsuits expected by June 30. Here’s a preview of the key decisions. student debt relief The fate of President […]

DAVID BLACKMON: The Supreme Court Just Voted Unanimously To Rein In Biden’s EPA

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled unanimously that the Environmental Protection Agency had erred from its powers by seeking to significantly expand the scope of regulation under the Clean Water Act. The Court unanimously ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in this action, ruling that: Sackett vs EPAThey challenged the authorities’ ruling that property purchased […]

How the Supreme Court’s wetlands ruling could impact pollution, flooding

The Supreme Court’s decision to curb federal regulation of wetlands could have far-reaching implications for water in the United States. Experts say the ruling will expose the country to more water pollution. That’s not all. The country could become even more vulnerable to floods, they say. A court Thursday narrowed the federal government’s authority to […]

According to the Supreme Court, science and clean water don’t matter

It’s hard to believe we have to say this in 2023, but clean water matters. Science is important. And that the health and integrity of our communities and ecosystems matter. Last week’s Supreme Court ruling undermining the Clean Water Act comes as House Republicans continue their campaign against the Bedrock Environment Act, and this spring […]

Supreme Court Justices Are ‘in a Fact-Free Zone as Well as an Ethics-Free Zone’

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D, RI) said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that Supreme Court justices are “in fact-no-know territory, but also ethics-no-know territory.” rice field. The White House said, “The work we do on ethics in the courtroom should be easy, but it’s not. It’s also partisan. I think we’re going to put some […]

WILFORD: Supreme Court Rules Government Cannot Steal Grandma’s Condo

Supreme Court decisions are often subject to complex interpretations of legal standards and ambiguous wording of the law. But sometimes cases arise that should be very simple. one such decision has just been made Hennepin County v. Tyler, a case that determined whether a county in Minnesota had the right to steal from a grandmother. […]

Poll: most don’t trust Supreme Court to decide reproductive health cases

Most respondents to the new poll said they do not trust the Supreme Court to decide cases related to reproductive and sexual health. According to the report, only 37% of all adults say they trust the courts “to a large extent” or “somewhat” to make correct decisions about reproductive and sexual health. poll Released Friday […]

Supreme Court Reins EPA Power in Sackett Homeowner Case

WASHINGTON, DC – The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously curtailed the Environmental Protection Agency’s powers under the Clean Water Act (CWA) by defining “water bodies of the United States.” Sackett vs EPA. This is the ongoing story of the Sackett family. They are an Idaho couple who purchased land in a residential neighborhood on which […]