Yemen Peace Plan “No Longer On Discussion Table” As Tensions In Red Sea Mount

Houthis claim they are acting in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza (File) Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Efforts to end Yemen’s long war have stalled as Houthi attacks ravage the Red Sea and Western airstrikes against rebels threaten further hardship for the reeling country. As recently as December, painstaking negotiations were starting to get off the […]

Voting for Trump ‘Really on the Table’ as Biden Pressures Israel to Scale Back War on Hamas

Hollywood star Michael Rapaport says his vote for former President Donald Trump was “very disturbing” as the Biden administration continues to pressure Israel to scale back its war against Hamas to appease anti-Israel forces in the Democratic Party. “It’s happening,” he said. Michael Rapaport suggested in an X post Thursday that he’s still considering voting […]

Biden Lets Qatar, Egypt, and Hamas Run Both Sides of the Table in Israeli Hostage Talks

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, which carried out the attack on Israel on October 7, is on both sides of the negotiating table over the Israeli hostages, thanks to the intervention of Qatar and Egypt and the stance of the Biden administration. politiko rreported On Wednesday, it was announced that several families of Israeli hostages […]

Snow doesn’t stop Bills Mafia from jumping through flaming table

No matter how cold it gets or how much it snows, Bills Mafia never stops. Fans jumping over flaming tables during tailgates is not uncommon at Orchard Park, and it was a weather-beating sight for a group of Bills fans to jump over a flaming table Monday afternoon before the Bills' playoff game against the […]

Jim Harbaugh finally has resilient Michigan at ‘big-boy table’

It was nearly nine years ago that Jim Harbaugh returned to his alma mater a conquering hero. Hours after he was introduced as the next University of Michigan football coach, he wore a University of Michigan shirt, baseball cap and Harbaugh's trademark khakis at a December basketball game at Chrysler Arena. A “khakis out'' event […]


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