‘#DignifAI’ Turns the Tables on Deepfake Porn with a Dose of AI Modesty

A new AI-generated image trend on social media, known as #DignifAI, is turning the tables on deepfake porn by adding clothing to scantily clad photos of women to create images that appear more modest. I reversed it. This trend has spread to men as well, removing facial tattoos and creating an image of celebrities as […]

Concealed carry holder turns the tables on would-be Facebook Marketplace robber

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Speaker Mike Johnson Tables Move to Slip Deep State Reauthorization in Defense Bill

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) reportedly moved Tuesday to include deep state reauthorization in the national defense bill. “breaking news –@SpeakerJohnson “We rescinded FISA’s expanded powers as part of the NDAA,” by Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News. I have written. As Breitbart News reported, Johnson and other Congressional leaders wanted to temporarily reauthorize Section 702 […]

Iran is the main beneficiary of the Gaza crisis, but Israel can turn the tables

The October 7 massacre in southern Israel marked the climax of Iran’s proxy war against Israel and the West as it seeks to reshape the Middle East order in its favor. By using Hamas to carry out the deadliest terrorist attack on Israeli soil, the Iranian regime achieved numerous strategic and tactical goals. On that […]


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