Leaked Debate Prep Videos Show DeSantis Tackling ‘Monkey’ Comment

A leaked 2018 video showing Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis preparing for a debate with Democrat Andrew Gillum also helped DeSantis address the controversy over his comments on that year’s trail. It shows what you are trying to do. socialist relations. Then-Rep. DeSantis, who ran the successful 2018 Florida gubernatorial election, criticized Gillam’s campaign and […]

Paris Hilton backs bipartisan bill, tackling the industry of ‘troubled teens’

Paris Hilton shakes hands with Sen. Jeff Markley (D-OR) during a press conference outside the US Capitol on April 27, 2023 in Washington, DC. Hilton joined Congress to introduce the Institutional Child Abuse Prevention Act, a bipartisan, bicameral bill that would increase oversight of institutional youth treatment programs. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images) OAN Brooke […]

How the ‘bare minimum Mondays’ craze is tackling burnout

Yes, New Yorkers, it’s okay to take it easy. Marisa Joe Maysstartup co-founder space-time monotasking The Phoenix, Arizona digital creator also recently captured the attention of the internet by creating “Bear Minimum Monday,” a ethos that prioritizes working less on the days most people hate the most. First, let’s take a look at the origin […]

Republicans divided over tackling Medicare Advantage overpayments

Some Senate Republicans struggling to come up with big savings to cut the deficit say insurance companies are raking in billions of dollars in extra profits from overdiagnosing older patients. In light of the report, we are taking a closer look at reforming Medicare Advantage. But the idea of ​​cracking down on Medicare Advantage overpayments […]

How Joe Schoen is tackling Giants’ new ‘problems’ in Year 2

Go behind the scenes at Big Blue Sign up for Inside the Giants by Paul Schwartz, a weekly magazine exclusive to Sports+. PHOENIX — 1 year later, 1 year better. So is the case with Joe Shane, the Giants’ second-year general manager. Around this time last year, Shane was roaming Florida’s Breakers Palm Beach Resort, […]