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England players banned from discussing penalty tactics at Euro 2024 | England

The English Football Association’s determination to ease the pressure on England at Euro 2024 has led to a veil of secrecy over how the team will approach penalty shootouts, highlighted by players being barred from answering questions about the team’s penalty shoot-out process. There is understood to be widespread unhappiness within the FA over revelations […]

How to outsmart car thieves with these smart AirTag tactics

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Climate Tyrants’ New Tactics

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Chief Justice John Marshall’s observation, “[t]hat the power to tax involves the power to destroy,” has become part of American political lore. Marshall understood that the state’s revenue-extracting power can be weaponized—even against those who have committed no crime. We are now seeing a corollary to that notion in finance, […]

DAVID BLACKMON: Supreme Court Has A Chance To Torch One Of The Left’s Favorite Legal Tactics

From fuel emissions standards to gasoline-powered vehicle bans to sweeping climate disclosure rules, states like California are constantly testing the extent to which state laws can shape national climate policy. But for nearly a decade, activists and left-leaning lawmakers have simultaneously pursued a backdoor strategy of using state courts, rather than state or federal legislatures, […]

Clinton praises ‘tremendously impressive’ GOP tactics

During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton I boasted. Republicans were probably her proudest opponents, she says, but now she sounds almost jealous. Speaking about Democrats’ failure to defend Roe v. Wade, the 76-year-old Clinton complained that her party sometimes lacks the indomitable resolve of its right wing. “What I appreciate is that they never give […]