Oregon primary: Pramila Jayapal’s sister targeted by LA-based PAC

A new political action committee has spent $2.3 million against Oregon congressional candidate Susheela Jayapal, the older sister of Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), in the days leading up to Tuesday’s primary. The Los Angeles-based Voters for Responsive Government, which has not publicly disclosed its donors, registered with the Federal Election Commission on April […]

Yellen on Calling Trump Tariffs ‘Taxes on Consumers’: Biden’s Are ‘Targeted’

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen predicted on Tuesday’s “PBS News Hour” that President Joe Biden’s tariffs would not cause meaningful price increases for households, saying President Trump’s tariffs would be “a tax on consumers.” In response to a question about criticism that President Biden’s tariffs are Tariffs are different because they are “target groups in strategic […]

‘Enough’: Controversial ID program for illegal immigrants targeted by GOP senator

Fox’s first appearance: Top Republican senators are pushing to block a controversial program that would give ID cards to illegal immigrants as early as this summer. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) announced the “Prohibition of Taxpayer Funding for Illegal Immigrant Identification Act”, which would prohibit federal funds from going into the ICE Secure Docket Card program […]

Biden defends ‘strategic and targeted’ China tariffs, seeking contrast with Trump

President Biden on Tuesday defended his announcement to increase tariffs on imports from China and sought to contrast his policies with those of former President Trump. “My administration is combining investment in the United States with strategic, targeted tariffs. This is a smart approach,” Biden said in the Rose Garden under cloudy skies. “Compare that […]

Canadian Rapper Drake’s Home In Toronto Targeted In Alleged Break-In Attempt

Over the past few weeks, Drake has been embroiled in a heated rap battle with Kendrick Lamar. In a disturbing development, Canadian rapper Drake’s Toronto mansion has been targeted on suspicion of trespassing, just one day after a security guard on the premises was shot and killed. Guardian. Police were called to the residence on […]

CEO of world’s biggest ad firm targeted by deepfake scam | Technology

The head of the world’s largest advertising group has been targeted in an elaborate deepfake scam using artificial intelligence voice clones. WPP CEO Mark Read detailed the attempted fraud in a recent email to management and urged other employees at the company to be wary of calls from management. I warned you. Emails obtained by […]

Ex-Trump aide Brad Parscale, who targeted Facebook ads, now has AI platform

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale, the operative behind the former president’s 2016 election-winning Facebook ads, has debuted his own artificial intelligence platform. . Parscale touted “artificial intelligence’s future replacement for polls across the country” in a promotional video for a new platform that he claims will boost conservative political campaigns, the paper said. […]

Three NYC synagogues targeted with false bomb threats: police

Three New York City synagogues and the Brooklyn Museum received false bomb threats on Saturday, police said. The Upper West Side’s Rodeph Sholom congregation at 7 W. 83rd Street near Central Park was evacuated after police received a report of a bomb threat around 3:15 p.m. The Rodef Sholom Synagogue in Manhattan was evacuated following […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta ‘Supreme Court’ Prepares for ‘Targeted Cuts’

Meta’s independent oversight board, often referred to as the “supreme court” of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, is reportedly planning job cuts. business insider report Meta’s oversight board, the independent body responsible for reviewing and making decisions about content moderation at Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, is preparing for a series of layoffs.of washington post Citing […]