Brain teaser: Can you find four mice and four mushrooms?

Can you solve this hidden object puzzle? Gergely Dudas, a graphic artist from Dresden, Germany, shared a new visual puzzle with Fox News Digital featuring four mice and five mushrooms hidden in autumn leaves. This autumn colored cartoon is full of festive autumn leaves and branches. Can you find the three birds hidden in this […]

Spooky brain teaser: Can you find 7 flies among the spiders?

To celebrate Halloween, a graphic artist has released a new brain teaser puzzle that will give you a spooky vibe. Gergely Dudas of Dresden, Germany, visual puzzle Fox News Digital includes seven flies hiding in a sea of ​​spiders. This cartoon is studded with animated spider webs and sprinkled with orange pumpkins. Brain teaser: Can […]

Brain teaser: Can you find the 3 ghosts hidden among the pandas?

A graphic artist is testing everyone’s attention to detail with a digital hidden object brain teaser that will get you in the Halloween spirit. Gergely Dudash from Budapest, Hungary shared his vacation visual puzzle Fox News Digital features three hidden ghosts among a group of pandas. This “Bootiful” cartoon features a bunch of furry black […]

Brain teaser: How long will it take you to find 5 seedless watermelons?

The graphic artist who designs the Find and Find puzzle tests everyone’s attention to detail with another brain teaser. This time the focus is watermelon. Görgery Dudas from Budapest, Hungary said: visual puzzle with Fox News Digital. The puzzle is full of bright red watermelons with contrasting green rings, but 5 of them are not […]

Iconic Cartoon Reboot Drops First Teaser And Announces Release Date

Hulu released a teaser for the reboot of the iconic cartoon Futurama on Friday, announcing the official release date. Millennials will never forget.”futuramais a cult classic cartoon about Philip J. The show is so good and so popular that it’s technically his second time to be rebooted, with many exciting updates. according to for variety. […]

Brain teaser: Can you find 5 stars hidden in this flower field?

A graphic artist grabs the world’s attention with a new digital seek and fine brain teaser. I am using a fun shape this time. Gergely Dudás from Budapest, Hungary shared with Fox News Digital a visual puzzle depicting five stars hidden in a starry field. The star in the illustration seems to melt into a […]

Toyota becomes a patent troll with new Tacoma truck teaser

Toyota knows a thing or two about boat towing and trolling. The automaker has taken the internet by storm with new photos it has posted on social media, hinting at an upcoming unveiling of an all-new Tacoma pickup. This image is of the current Tacoma from the rear, but the devil is in the details. […]


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