HORACE COOPER And PAUL TELLER: How Big Tech Censorship Harms Black Americans

Free speech has always been the cornerstone of American democracy. Our Founding Fathers knew better than anyone that it was one of the most powerful tools against tyranny. So freedom of speech, then and now, is nowhere to be found in countries where people are not free. Not surprisingly, the First Amendment is one of […]

CHAPMAN & TELLER: How Biden’s First Possible Veto Will Hurt Americans’ Retirement Accounts

Both houses of the US Congress recently rallied in bipartisan fashion to protect the American people from a conspiracy to weaponize retirement accounts.thanks to the effort lead by Advancing American Freedom (AAF) Resolution Overturning Biden’s “woke 401(k) rules” is now headed for the Resolute Desk. While many have slept on the issue, bureaucrats from international […]

Wells Fargo managers ‘laughed’ as customers mocked trans teller: lawsuit

A transgender bank teller said her boss at a Wells Fargo branch had “blackballed” her for her gender identity, and that a customer said, “She can’t have children, so she’s not real.” He mocked her for saying, “I’ll never be a woman,” the lawsuit alleges. Alexis Edwards, who identifies an African-American transgender woman and therefore […]