Arizona Border Sector Warns Large Migrant Groups as Desert Temps Approach 100 Degrees

Tucson Sector Border Patrol officials have warned of rising numbers of migrants crossing the border as desert temperatures approach 100 degrees. The sector reports a significant increase in immigrant arrests this year, including her nearly 400% increase in immigrant families. Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent John R. Modlin tweeted a video warning migrants of the […]

NYC to bask in summer-like temps the rest of the week

Spring break will soon feel like summer vacation in New York City. Forecasters predict record temperatures will burn through the district this week. New Yorkers were already walking in the sun and tanning in their bathing suits Tuesday afternoon as temperatures averaged 74 degrees in Central Park. Fox Weather meteorologist Samantha Thomas said temperatures will […]

UK to be slammed with snow following record-breaking low temps

The UK is expected to experience heavy snowfall from Thursday to Friday as many across the country grapple with freezing temperatures. Japan Meteorological Agency issued a yellow warning Snow is possible in parts of northern England from 3pm Thursday to noon Friday. This is because in some places he is expected to be buried in […]

New York expecting dangerously low temps amid Northeast Arctic blast

New York is set to experience dangerously cold weather this weekend as Arctic blasts threaten much of the Northeast, putting residents in some areas at risk of frostbite in just three minutes. Temperatures in the Big Apple have already plummeted early Friday, with cold winds expected to drop to 9 degrees Celsius in the evening […]