Video shows terrifying moments Las Vegas police evacuate building

Video shows terrified people being told to evacuate a building at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, as police respond to an active shooter Wednesday. Thousands of students fled for their lives after a gunman stormed campus Wednesday morning, killing three people and seriously injuring a fourth. Police later identified the gunman as 67-year-old Anthony […]

Tucker’s terrifying interview with an American political prisoner

Tucker Carlson met with Douglas McKee last week to discuss his upcoming seven-month sentence in an American concentration camp. It was a bright and scary interview. For those who may have missed this story, it involves a young man, Mackie, who ran an anonymous Twitter account and went by the pseudonym “Ricky Vaughn.” McKee shared […]

AI is Terrifying, ‘Nobody Wants to Be Duplicated’

Famous singer Dolly Parton spoke about her concerns about AI taking over the entertainment industry and how people should be cautious about AI. talk to Metro, Parton said AI is replicating humans, and some of the technology’s inventors are warning about it. “I don’t think, or at least I hope, that no one can copy […]

Unexpected hero app turns around terrifying travel trouble

Meet Bill, a veteran traveler from the Sarasota, Florida area. The story of traveling around the world could be written in several books. But today’s story isn’t about exotic destinations or a close shave at a foreign airport. A story about a reservation gone wrong in the bustling city of Buffalo, New York. A few […]

Huge cobra invades golf course in terrifying video: ‘Crazy’

These golfers were worried about getting that hole-in-one arm. South African golf courses have become even more troublesome after angry cobras started invading the greens and wreaking havoc. A video that went viral on Instagram. “(Cape Cobra) in the women’s tee box!” read the caption of the spine-chilling footage from Saturday’s Atlantic Beach Golf Club […]