Ukraine Must Cede Territory to Russia for Peace Deal, Slovak PM Says

Slovak Prime Minister Roberto Fico said Saturday that Ukraine must be willing to cede part of its territory to Russia for a peace deal. Ahead of a scheduled meeting between recently appointed Prime Minister Roberto Fico and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal on Wednesday, the left-wing populist Slovak leader suggested a peace settlement would likely […]

Puerto Rico sees rise in C-section births, reaching record rate in US territory

Puerto Rico's C-section rate has skyrocketed to more than 50% of all deliveries, compared to more than 32% in the continental United States, according to a federal report. Cesarean section rates on the island increased in each age group under 40 from 2018 to 2022, after being stable for nearly a decade. The reasons behind […]

Venezuelan Dictatorship Will Start Seizing Critical Resources From Neighboring Territory ‘Immediately’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that his country needs to begin seizing resources in neighboring territory “immediately,” the Associated Press reported. President Maduro’s referendum on claiming sovereignty over Essequibo, an oil-rich region internationally recognized as part of Guyana, passed with overwhelming support on Sunday. President Maduro has directed Venezuela’s state-owned company to immediately begin […]

Sixth and Final Group of Freed Hostages Enters Israeli Territory as Truce Ends

The sixth and final group of hostages – 10 Israelis and four Thais – entered Israeli territory early Thursday as a cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas expires. Earlier on Wednesday night, Hamas released two Israeli women who also have Russian nationality. They are Elena Trupanov (50 years old) and Irene […]


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