Trump puts RFK Jr. on blast, calls for Biden drug test at NRA convention

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Trump jokes he will ‘demand a drug test’ from Biden before debate

Presidential candidate Donald Trump jokingly predicted that his opponent, President Joe Biden, would be so “jacked up” before their anticipated debate that he might request a drug test. Biden announced that he would participate in two debates against Trump hosted by CNN and ABC News. Trump offered some predictions surrounding the debate during the Minnesota […]

Donald Trump demands drug test for President Biden ahead of first debate

Former President Trump said he wants President Biden to take a drug test before the first debate. President Trump: “By the way, I’m also going to require a drug test.” Said At the Minnesota Republican Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on Friday. “I’m like, no, I really am. I don’t want him to come like the State of […]

Resilient Knicks face one more test of wills in pressure-packed Game 7

INDIANAPOLIS — Those are the bitter ironies, the first time the Knicks will play in these games in the hours leading up to 3:30 p.m. Sunday at Madison Square Garden. There was Josh Hart — a seemingly bulletproof cast-iron horse — wincing in discomfort, massaging his abdomen, and finally trudging to the locker room early […]

Trump demands drug test for Biden before first presidential debate 

President Donald Trump on Friday demanded that Joe Biden take a drug test ahead of two presidential debates in which both candidates have agreed to participate. The former president cited the current president’s State of the Union address in March when calling for drug testing, claiming that Biden was “flying like a kite” when he […]

Scaramucci: Trump hush money trial serving as ‘obligatory loyalty test’

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Friday that former President Trump’s hush money trial in New York serves as a “mandatory loyalty test.” “This is a mandatory loyalty test for some, but not all, high-level Republican officials,” Scaramucci said. Said He appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” with anchor Jake Tapper. “They’re using the […]

Ex-WV health official gets year of probation for lying about COVID test invoices

A former West Virginia health official was sentenced Monday to one year of probation for lying about whether he reviewed vendor invoices from companies claiming to perform COVID-19 tests in the state. It was announced. Timothy Priddy was sentenced in federal court after pleading guilty to making false statements to investigators. An indictment filed in […]