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Microsoft Exec Testifies Before Congress On Security Breaches Involving Federal Emails, Maintaining China Operations

The president of Microsoft spoke before Congress on Thursday, accepting responsibility for security failings that allowed China-linked hackers to penetrate federal computer networks, NBC News reported. Testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee, Brad Smith expressed his commitment to fixing security issues in Microsoft products that are widely used by federal agencies. according to Republican […]

Hunter Biden trial: Hunter’s daughter testifies in his defense

On the fifth day of the Hunter Biden trial, the prosecution called its final witness, with several gun store employees and one of Biden’s daughters taking the stand for the defense. ‘It’s elementary’: After a few more witnesses, prosecutors finish their indictment The final few witnesses testified for the prosecution, perhaps the most notable of […]

Gun salesman testifies in Hunter Biden trial

WILMINGTON, Delaware — A former gun store clerk defended his sales practices as he was grilled by Hunter Biden‘s attorney during the first son’s trial on Wednesday. Gordon Cleveland, who sold Biden a revolver in 2018, testified that he was more interested in selling customers “quality” items than expensive ones. Prosecutors called Cleveland, a trash truck […]

Hunter Biden Smoked Crack ‘Every 20 Minutes,’ Ex-Girlfriend Zoe Kestan Testifies

Hunter Biden smoked crack cocaine “every 20 minutes or so,” his ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan testified at his gun trial on Wednesday, describing his substance abuse during their relationship in 2017 and 2018, the year the shooting incident occurred. Prosecutors believe Kestan’s testimony shows Hunter was high at the time he bought the gun. Hunter is […]