Brian Kelly thinks college football’s NIL system is ‘absolutely crazy’

Brian Kelly thinks college football without a salary cap is “absolutely crazy.” The LSU football coach, once a household name for potential NFL vacancies, during one period compared college football’s new landscape in the world of the NIL and transfer portal to the pros. Friday interview with Mike Golic on “The Dan LeBatard Show”” He […]

Joe Rogan reveals when he thinks the Democratic Party will kick Biden to the curb

Podcaster Joe Rogan joined comedian Andrew Schultz on Saturday to speculate about when the Democratic Party will replace President Biden. Rogan initially weighed in on what he thought Democrats’ plans were for Biden in a podcast episode, saying, “The idea that Democrats would keep Biden in office is just bananas.” Ta. Are you going to […]

Did Israel surrender to White House pressure in Gaza? Iran likely thinks so

Just 72 hours after President Biden threatened to cut off US aid to Israel, the Israeli military announced the withdrawal of troops from southern Gaza to commemorate the six-month anniversary of the massacre on October 7. Although optics suggest it has capitulated to pressure from the White House for an early end to the operation […]

How The Left Thinks – PRICKLY PEAR

This column addresses the issue of Claudine Gay, the now-former president of Harvard, but is not really about her. This is about how we who are not on the Left are addressed by those on the Left. And why they are constantly attacking, and their lack of tolerance as opposed to discussing. Many of you […]

Molly Qerim thinks Caitlin Clark is ‘lucky’ to face injury-riddled UConn

Molly Kerim made headlines Thursday when the host of ESPN’s “First Take” brought some heated opinions to the show. Kerim, a college graduate, wondered if the hype around Caitlin Clark would have been as big if Huskies star Paige Backers hadn’t been plagued by so many injuries. And she added that Iowa was “lucky” that […]

Biden thinks he has the border crisis solved

Before his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden was reportedly drafting a slew of executive actions designed to reduce the number of migrants illegally crossing the southern border. But as media coverage of the border crisis has waned, and illegal crossings fell in January as they always do, Biden has reportedly abandoned all […]

Rapper 50 Cent admits he thinks Trump’s ‘gonna be president again’

Rapper 50 Cent made a candid confession on his X show this week, telling his more than 12 million followers that he thinks former President Trump will become president again. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, released a statement with a dire assessment of the state of the world, predicting that […]


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